Gypsy woman was beaten for having a relationship with a Ukrainian

Shandrar, the girl's older brother
Shandrar, the girl’s older brother

Gypsy girl met a Ukrainian man and they decided together to escape, but the girl’s relatives tracked down with the help of corrupt police.

The girl was brought home and her older brother started beating her. In addition, relatives expressed threats against her young man.

The video got into the social network and the initiative group wrote a statement to the police.
The family belongs to the sub-ethnic group of Crimean Roma and professes Islam.

Krasnodar, Russia.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. Ukrainians are pretty disgusting people, I’m not sure why she degraded herself by dating a ukrainian.

    1. Why? I have many Ukrainian friends, I have not noticed this.

      1. because hes russian putin boy so he hates Ukranians now…and people like this guy is “denacifying” Ukraine now 😂 they are clowns

    2. SHAME to your outrageous racial prejudice, we are all born equal. Our culture, BELIEF, position, and religion don’t matter and are not valued even to one grain of salt in the hands of GOD on the judgment day.

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  3. Of course Islam. The religion of peace strikes one again.

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      1. it literally says so in the article?

        1. These Islam idiots are some real pussies. Hitting an innocent woman like that really shows how evil their fake religion teaches them to be. Uncivilized animals.

  4. Gypsies are lower on the racial totem pole than East-slavic Ukrainians. The parents should be proud.

    1. Gypsies are the niggers of Europe. Absolute rock bottom of the racial totem pole, globally too perhaps. Niggers at least have countries that they’re starving in, these parasites however are starving everywhere around the world. Them having some kind of pride is a laughable self defense mechanism, a mechanism that keeps reality at bay, in order that it doesn’t drive them to suicide after realizing their “value” to the world. Just a maggot race, a disgrace to mankind. They were once on the kill-list of a very prolific people, rightfully so, they knew what they were doing after all.

      1. Guys, where do you get so much racism from? Yes, I also don’t like some nationalities, due to traditions, lagging behind the rest of the world by 400 years.
        But I assure you, not all gypsies are like that, not all Muslims are ready to cut the heads of everyone in a row. I even know Jews who are true patriots of my country.
        To condemn all the gypsies one by one, in my opinion, is too harsh.
        We do not set ourselves the goal of inciting ethnic hatred, we are stating a fact.
        Our goal, the goal of white people, is to raise these unfortunate people to their level, and not to sink to their level of backwardness.

        1. Dealing with these subhumans is how you get to hate them. When you see how the act and how they treat you and your people, a switch goes off in your brain that says fuck it, why show them any mercy or kindness when they wouldnt reciprocate such human gestures? Reading about their histories, their values and traditions (or the lack thereof, for better phrasing), their lack of contribution or any motivation to do so in the first place, their lack of motivation to be even remotely a part of our civilization, all puts things in perspective.
          You can’t compare Muslims with gypsies though. They have their own countries and have actually massive contributions to mankind through their scientific endeavors (Madrasa’s = some of the worlds first universities).
          Jews are just maggots. They’ve been expelled throughout history from almost every country they infested. Rightfully so.
          Your saying of our goal being to raise the unfortunates (meaning every person of color from every corner of the world) to our level, is very naive in my opinion.
          1st) that plan will never succeed, because of inherent biological differences. These people just aren’t meant for civilization the same way as we are. If we were all equal, the world would be ordered in such a way for that truth to be self evident without any effort on anyone’s part. It’s like people saying “we’re all equal”. If we’re all equal, why doesnt it look like it? Why do you have to go out of your way to make it all equal? It’s just wishful thinking.
          2nd) They don’t want to be on our level, they want to be above us, and do to us what we did to them. They want to kill us just like a poor man wants to kill a rich man. Just like a loser hates the winner.
          3rd) Its a harsh world out there. You shouldn’t want to give them anything in the first place. Its us against them. As mentioned above, they don’t want your kindness. They’re settling for it because they cant take everything you have militarily. If they could invade us, they would. But they can’t. Our people were enslaved before, don’t you remember? When they could enslave us, they gladly did, people seem to forget this or don’t know it at all. Without NATO, you think the world would be this peaceful? And even before the European colonization of the world, if they could invade us, they would, and they did at times actually. The current period of relative peace and safety gives people the illusion that there aren’t people out there without motivation and fantasies to come and do horrible things to us. This isn’t paranoia, just clear and reasoned thought, with everything put in perspective. I mean, look at this site, majority of the content is shitskins butchering shitskins over slight differences. Never mind all the accidents and shit, look at all the murder and torture and who’s doing it. A nigger carves out a piece of meat off a corpse and eats it raw in the middle of the street, nobody gives a shit. A cannibal that happens to be white in a 1st world country gets caught engaging in cannibalism, gets locked up for life and everybody talks about it and everyone is shocked, + gets put in a special cell so that other people we consider psychopaths and misfits don’t torture and kill him out of disgust. What does this contrast of responses tell you? Not to mention, we already gave them reparations. In the US, we gave them what they asked for thinking we’d be good, but instead they toppled our statues and looted our stores, screaming “White lives dont matter”, knocking out white people with bricks and filming it. In Europe, you let in the refugees, and they turn Sweden into the rape capital of the world and assault your children and elderly. The only appropriate response to this is what Nazi Germany started but didn’t finish.

          I’ll end this message with a highly thought out quote:

          “Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have reveled the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of western power long after colonialism, imperialism and slavery have disappeared. The charge of racism puzzles Whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation. The White man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it. Superiority excites envy. Destroying White civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call “minorities.”

          Joseph Sobran, 1997

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          6. What for? I do not consider the USA and Ukraine to be my enemies. My enemy is Putin who seized power in my country.

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          10. “Fake News”

          11. But now all of a sudden the Democrats, Leftist, leaders wants to spread a false agenda like BLM that Black Americans are victims when in Reality we are doing just fine in this wonderful country until sleep Joe Biden showed up. Candace Owens & Ben Shapiro would agree with me on everything.

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            Fun fact: Youtube’s algorithm won’t remove your comment if you include any of those slurs. Try the same with POC slurs however. Too many removed comments and your account gets suspended.

            Also, what do you mean by “our” country.?

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  6. gypsies are not human , they are rats

    1. Rats !!? Even fucking rats are white rats .. however these , basically immigrant indians are fUCKING pathetic..damn i feel so much bad for that poor girl. I know how much they are ruining Europe by scaming , lying , thugging and riots …but STILL i just pity thier pathetic state… european countries have so MUCH opportunities and yet these animals are stealing…just downright DISGUSTING…ugh I’m having mixed emotions for these fuckers side i hate these European nigger race..but on seeing this video I morbid.

    2. Note one thing that I’m not feeling any fucking thing for that brother… fucking asshole lowest inhumane scum

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