Student shot and killed 6 people and wounded 24


At the Perm State University, a student staged a bloody massacre. He shot 6 people with a hunting rifle and wounded 24 more. A total of 26 people were injured, students jumped out of windows to escape the shots.

On the morning of September 20, 18-year-old student Timur Bekmansurov took a 12-gauge hunting rifle, 120 rounds and headed to Perm State University. Before reaching a few hundred meters, he asked to stop the taxi in which he was traveling and got out of the car.

Shooting in Perm
Timur Bekmansurov

Then he took a gun out of his bag and started shooting first at passing cars, and then at people in the courtyard of the University.

He entered through the main entrance and immediately killed the guard. Several people were injured. Then he went up to the 2nd floor and started shooting at the students who, fleeing the shots, jumped from the window of the second floor.

At this time, nearby traffic police officers were drawing up a report on the violation. They were told that shooting was heard in the university building.

Police junior lieutenant Konstantin Kalinin entered the university building. At this time, the killer descended from the second floor.

Policeman Konstantin Kalinin ordered him to drop his weapon, but Timur Bekmansurov shot in response to this demand. Then the policeman used a service weapon and shot the attacker in the legs.

After that, the policeman provided the victim with first aid and called an ambulance.

Timur Bekmansurov and policeman Konstantin Kalinin
Timur Bekmansurov and policeman Konstantin Kalinin

It is reported that Timur Bekmansurov was preparing for the murder in advance. In March of this year, he took a course on safe gun handling and received permission to buy a hunting rifle.

In June, Bekmansurov bought 120 rounds.

Now the killer is under heavy guard at the hospital, his condition is assessed as grave.

At home Timur Bekmansurov found a note where he asked to take care of his cat.

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