Woman brutally beating a child


An Indian woman punishes a small child and hits him with all her might on the ground.

This woman can be understood, because the population of India is 1.38 billion people. This child turned out to be defective, and if he dies, it is much easier to make a new child than to treat a defective one.

I wonder what Western institutions of juvenile justice will say looking at these shots?


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    1. You think applying your standar to every situation would be fair? You live in a small world

  3. Author

    Not at all. India is a beautiful country and although many of the things they do are not very good, they produce enough children. In fact, that’s the only thing they do well.
    You do not understand. Simply Krishna said to this woman, “Take your child by the hands and hit the ground.” This does not in the least contradict their moral principles and religious beliefs.

    1. India os a shitty country full of Brown Sub-Humans with backward culture and beliefs. They love to worship cows and dress themselves in their feces and drink their urine. I beat you’re a Churka or Hachi living in Russia. Most of you Ruskie edgelords turn out to them Shitskins.

      1. Author

        India is an ordinary country with its own flavor. We can laugh at Indians and I’m sure they do the same when looking at us.
        I will upset you. Unfortunately, I am Russian. And not even Jewish -)

        1. Let’s be real, they’re not laughing at anyone. They are envious and spiteful because of how good everyone else has it compared to them. You really think hairy sweaty Panjeet walking over piss-stinking sidewalks is laughing at Dimitry driving a G Class through Moscow?

          1. Author

            I think the hairy sweaty Panjeet laughs at Dimitri and says: “Ahaha, I sold $200 worth of Indian incense to this Russian fool, and they cost me $2”!

  4. It’s a evil world we live in!

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