Punishment for homosexuality


It is difficult to be homosexual in Nigeria. Two gays have been tied up, whipped and bullied in every possible way because of their homosexual relationship.

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  1. This needs to happen more often!

    1. I think you should comment less often

    1. Please shut the fuck up. Even if you kill every [email protected] like me, we would still exist and straight bitches would still give birth to people like me as bi/homo/pansexuality is a part of nature you sick fuck.

      You’re just an animal like every human being, but with a higher form of consciousness that makes us self-aware…

      1. at least there’s at least 1 reasonable person in this comment section… but to the haters out there… we’ve been around since the beginning of time and no matter how much you opress us and kill our kind we always bounce back stronger than ever… a matter of karma has a way to make the kids of homophobic parents gay… keep hating, would like to see your reaction when your kids start coming out… frankly I’d be sorry for the kids but the look on your faces would be priceless

        1. Thanks for the heads up. We’ll keep opressing and killing you then.

  2. Everyone in Nigeria needs to be killed. Starting at birth.

    1. bro shut the fuck up i beat you with a fucking belt i hope u have kids and they become gay you little prick haters like you should not be here.

      1. You sound like absolutely fucking moronic. There are vids of people ripping eachothers’ hearts out and even rape, but you really felt the urge to attack the anti-faggot guy in the comments, out of all the vile fuckers you’ve seen so far. What is really going on buddy, whats your agenda? You like to take it up the ass from time to time as well?

        1. Your argument is absolutely illogical. You are the moron here. Being against a greater evil doesn’t invalidate opposing the lesser one.

  3. 我要用铁甲小宝的大鸡鸡让这些人好好体会龙阳之好(据说只是名字一样,他并没有去拍GV)

    1. Dude, write comments in English.

      1. Oh, what am I not in English

      2. Should I translate Chinese into English and send it next time? But I’ve also seen people who use strange words they’ve never seen before

    1. We will ALWAYS torture and kill you. Nature

      1. What for? What’s good about torturing and killing gays? These people are already deprived of nature. Gays have a genetic disorder, just like people with Down’s disease.
        Wouldn’t it occur to you to catch downs and kill them?

        1. People with Down Syndrome aren’t infiltrating politics and trying to corrupt the moral fabric of society by normalizing faggot shit. They’re not prancing around naked in the streets with dildos in front of kids, and everyone that happens to be there. They’re not putting hormone blockers in their kid’s cereal like the morally deprived transgender freaks. Note I’m talking about LGBTQ in general, not just gays. Gays have actually become “mild” compared to the other mentally disturbed filth in that group, particularily the trannies, those are some of the most repulsive freaks you’ll ever see.
          What’s good about torturing and killing them? Well, the USA is the prime example of what you get when you show a bit of leniency to fuckoffs. First it was “we just want to marry”, now it’s “let me in the public bathroom with your daughter or we’ll cancel you”.
          People with down syndrome aren’t a threat to anyone, and they have my full empathy, more than you know, but the LGBTQ can’t be put under the same class as them.

          You tell me, why WOULDN’T you kill them? If a rat came into your house, would you greet it with kindness or hostility?

          1. Society is developing, this development also concerns morality. Probably the same way in the 60s, the Puritans treated miniskirts and gender equality.
            The USA is a rich country, build your toilets for “non-binary persons”.
            The comparison with a rat is not quite right. Rather like this: the rat has already lived in the house, but now it requires additional rights.
            IMHO, it’s easier to find a place in the house for a rat than to constantly change damaged wires.

          2. “Nonbinary persons” are just people mental disorders.
            In the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) the medical term is “Gender Identity Disorder”.
            Now, if someone came to your house saying he was Jesus Christ or Mohammad, would you accept him as such? And unironically act in that way, let him do whatever he wants thinking he’s a holy figure?
            Same approach applies here, you ignore and dismiss them as people with a mental disorder. You don’t bend over backwards to appease whatever wacky whim they happen to have. You especially don’t negotiate with a mental patient. Just like you don’t negotiate with a child.

            On top of that, these people are very repulsive. You mention “morality” but these people don’t deserve any morality because they themselves don’t believe in them. They put hormones in their kids food to fuck them up too, do drugs and alcohol, lack any morals, many turn out to be pedophiles, are disgusting sexual deviants, list goes on. I’ve seen them advocate for legalizing incest and pedophilia. Many commit suicide (around 50%), and many regret their choices, which in itself tells you what you need to know and what we already know actually; that you’re not a woman if you “think” you’re a woman, even if you chop your dick off or invert your dick into a “neovagina”, or chop “excess flesh” off your leg and construct a “neopenis”. They’re just a wicked bunch of freaks undeserving of any pity.

            If there are rats in my house, I’m not doing something right. A house should be inacessible to rats, as many are. Rats are a rare occurence. A house is a dwelling for a man, not a rat. They carry disease. Imho, it’s easier to “shoo” it out, or kill it, rather than risk having your children come across that godawful sight, or perhaps even get infected. Especially what you don’t do is willingly get more rats in your house and allow them to fester. I’m not a fan of animal cruelty even if its a rat (I don’t kill them), because I know it’s just an animal doing what it does and it can’t be blamed for being unattractive to humans, but when a human with intellect chops his dick off and tries to chop his kid’s dick off, said “human” gets instantly demoted to a position beneath rats, and is deserving of getting killed.

            It’s hard to keep these messages short.

          3. There is something in your reasoning, but you are substituting concepts.
            If a person comes to my house and says that he is Muhammad or Christ, then doctors should deal with such a person.
            This is what happens to people diagnosed with gender identity disorder.

            In the end, the criterion of normality in the modern world is the desire to cause physical harm to yourself or others.
            Otherwise, with mental disorders, whether it be schizophrenia, homosexuality or transsexuality is not dangerous to society.

            I’m not saying that it is not necessary to fight with political methods against manifestations of immorality, but in my opinion radicalism is not appropriate here.
            Physically destroying LGBT representatives, we stand on the same line with the guys with swastikas on their sleeves.

            Ok, let’s destroy all gays and transgender people. Okay, destroyed. Who else? Blacks, Jews, Muslims, Ukrainians?

            Murder and genocide on gender and any other principle is not acceptable.

          4. Doctors are enabling trannies by affirming their delusions and even doing SRS (Sex Reassignment Surgery) on them. The Hippocratic Oath of “first, do no harm”, is clearly just ink on paper. That tells you that doctors are just mercenaries looking to make money.

            Again, the LGBTQ is pushing for things bad for our health. Are you willing to be forced to let your kid go into the public bathroom with a pedophile, and say with a smile “Go on kiddo, don’t be a bigot”.

            We’re simply resisting immorality by physically killing whoever advocates for immorality.
            You seem to not be able to get over killing. Is killing Hitler acceptable? Or Stalin? Or some serial rapist?
            If you are going to bring God into the question, then I think God doesn’t care either. Look at the people of Lot (Sodom and Gomorrah). So, killing in my eyes isn’t as unnaceptable as in yours. We’re not killing very nice people here after all.
            If Blacks, Jews, Muslims, Ukrainians stick their nose in our business and try to destroy us somehow, then yes, destroy them too. I’m not a maniac, I just want to be left alone without people trying to fucking poison me or my family and convince my kids that they’re a different gender, or that they have to let in rapists tomorrow, or suicide bombers, or criminals. Some innocents caught in the crossfire? Better them than you or your family.

  4. i may be homophobic but i dont wish this on any gay person

  5. Found the sympathizer.
    Torture and mutilate every LGBTQ sub-identity member.

    1. U mean as a bi girl myself (who was abused in childhood) I need to be killed too?

  6. now i will fuck russian or ukrainian man and birth his child so that he can kill the child if child ever becomes pidor

  7. behead faggots next time damn autists

  8. this should happen to straight people instead. fuck them normie bastards, they should all be castrated and buttfucked until they bleed. and fuck god too! never existed in the first place.

    1. Without us there would be no mankind. Go take your medication, nutjob

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