40 blows with a whip. Taliban court


The woman received 40 blows with a whip for talking on a mobile phone with a young man.

This video was filmed in late 2020 and posted on Facebook in April 2021.
The events took place in Haftgol, Herat. The Taliban court, although officially banned, awarded the woman 40 lashes with a whip for talking to a man on a cell phone. She was accused of immoral behavior.

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  1. At least they keep their women are a short leash, we should keep our western whores on a leash like this too!

  2. What miserable fucks. Just look at them. And they want you to believe that a few of these inbred goat fuckers took down the twin towers. Yeah, Seems totally legit.

    1. He is ignorant for doing so, and definitely the only that took down the twin towers and killed american citizens was your government

  3. كيرم تو طالبان و اون افقان هاي خاعن زنا كار بايد كست ننه طالبانيارو يكي كرد جوبايدن مارد جنده هم كه كبرشو ميماليد كسكش ريدم به اون اسلامو مسلموني طالبانيتون كسشكاي شيطان با اين كارتون هرچي مسلمونه از مسلمون بودنش پشيمون ميكنيد لاشياي كسكش مادر جنده زناكار هروم زاده

    1. Author

      و زنای این زن چیست؟ اینکه با تلفن تماس گرفت؟
      این وحشی است لطفاً ساعت خود را 400 سال جلو بیاورید.

  4. Image as a kid I was beaten with a belt but this is worse

  5. What if she had BDSM fantasy?? You just fulfilled her wish.

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