Terrorist kamikazde blew up the mosque


Consequences of a suicide bombing in a mosque during prayer in a mosque. ISIS claimed responsibility for the explosion. The confrontation between the Taliban and ISIS continues.

Herat, Afghanistan.


Who do you like better, ISIS or the Taliban? Write in the comments. Who do you think will win this Special Olympics?

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  1. Atheists killing theists. Then they say “religion the cause of all war”

    1. Atheist? bruh ISIS claimed responsibility. Better check what religion the perp is before commenting

      1. I know already. My point still stands

    2. Author

      And what about atheists? Both adhere to radical Islamist views.

      1. What don’t you understand about the definition of atheism? Having Islamist views is per definition in contradiction to being an atheist.

        1. Author

          Adding to the piquancy is the fact that both the Taliban and ISIS are radical Islamists.
          Neither of them are atheists. Or do you think that ISIS is atheists?

          1. He doesn’t, but I do.
            If one can think “God wants me to kill other God-believers”, then that person isn’t being honest with himself. What God fearing man does what ISIS does?

          2. Author

            Both groups – ISIS and the Taliban are Sunni Muslims. I don’t know what they share in Afghanistan.
            Each of the groups says that “your Islam is shit, and our Islam is very cool. You are doing everything wrong.”

  2. Nice. Taliban vs isis. This is gonna fun

  3. The people in the mosque: “Allahu akbar”
    The suicide before he ignites: “Allahu akbar”
    His brothers from afar as the bomb: “Allahu akbar”
    The relatives of the dead from the mosque: “Allahu akbar”

    Find the mistake …

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