Terrorist kamikazde blew up the mosque


Consequences of a suicide bombing in a mosque during prayer in a mosque. ISIS claimed responsibility for the explosion. The confrontation between the Taliban and ISIS continues.

Herat, Afghanistan.


Who do you like better, ISIS or the Taliban? Write in the comments. Who do you think will win this Special Olympics?

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  1. Atheists killing theists. Then they say “religion the cause of all war”

    1. Atheist? bruh ISIS claimed responsibility. Better check what religion the perp is before commenting

      1. I know already. My point still stands

    2. Author

      And what about atheists? Both adhere to radical Islamist views.

      1. What don’t you understand about the definition of atheism? Having Islamist views is per definition in contradiction to being an atheist.

        1. Author

          Adding to the piquancy is the fact that both the Taliban and ISIS are radical Islamists.
          Neither of them are atheists. Or do you think that ISIS is atheists?

          1. He doesn’t, but I do.
            If one can think “God wants me to kill other God-believers”, then that person isn’t being honest with himself. What God fearing man does what ISIS does?

          2. Author

            Both groups – ISIS and the Taliban are Sunni Muslims. I don’t know what they share in Afghanistan.
            Each of the groups says that “your Islam is shit, and our Islam is very cool. You are doing everything wrong.”

      2. No actual Muslim that submits his entire will to God is in any way a believer in what ISIS/Taliban glorifies
        ISIS is anything but Islamic teachings, Taliban has extreme beliefs which is in its core contradicts with the fundamentals of Islam

        What’s worse is blowing a mosque where people were practicing their daily prayers than say “Yeey that’s true Islam, this is our doing”
        this actually sounds like Bush demolishing Iraq, very anti islamic deed

        1. Can you give some proofs? Verses of the Quran? For everyone to see here. Your case will be much stronger then

          1. Quran differentiates between the life of a believer and the life of a non-believer, obviously the former holds much more value, yet both are not to be killed just because
            But in general, this lovely verse is a precise introduction to “killing” in Islam; ” whoever takes a life—unless as a punishment for murder or mischief in the land—it will be as if they killed all of humanity; and whoever saves a life, it will be as if they saved all of humanity” 5:32
            This shows that God treats unjust killings as the worst thing and states for the killer; “Their punishment will be multiplied on the Day of Judgment, and they will remain in it forever, in disgrace.” 25:69

            For the believer, the value of his life is certainly unmeasurable
            Quran says: “Whoever kills a believer deliberately, his reward is Jahannam (Hell) where he shall remain forever, and Allah shall be angry with him and shall cast curse upon him, and He has prepared for him a mighty punishment.” 4:93
            If a Muslims slays the soul of another Muslim -intentionally- we practice the law of retaliation, a life for a life

            For the non-believer it varies between non-believers that are in alliance -such as a non Muslim living in a nation that adopts Islamic laws- or in war…

            I would love to clarify that Islam is very detailed in everything, speaks in depth for every case, and a keen student of Islam I am, I fail to see any links between ISIS and Islam. In fact, many Muslims are not following their wrong deeds, treating is as Russian war (not my thing, not my concern)
            For Taliban, the case is a bit different, they do carry the banner of Islam, yet they are very extreme. Islam is very clear, be in the middle on the laws, not so extreme, but don’t ghost them either.
            Both of ISIS and Taliban are political, that’s why we don’t view them as ambassadors of Islam, just like Shia sects.

          2. The problem is from what I understand, is that Islam as strict as it is, can be very vague at times, especially unfortunately in cases where unambiguity and preciseness would make things much simpler.
            A lot is left for the followers to interpret and have a consensus on, which leads to all sorts of extreme interpretations and consequent acts, after which the apologetics and moderates are left picking up the pieces and distancing themselves from such extremism.

            I have myself argued that ISIS isn’t Islamic or theistic nor is any other militant group despite their outward appearance. I know what being God fearing means, and I know that such a person does not kill another person so nonchalantly. It’s not about escaping this world’s justice system, it’s about being pretty damn sure you didn’t cross God while you were acting like an animal while you were alive. So I agree with you my friend.

        2. Shut the fuck up you fake Muslim. Do you ever read the Quran they teach people to kill each other.

  2. Nice. Taliban vs isis. This is gonna fun

  3. The people in the mosque: “Allahu akbar”
    The suicide before he ignites: “Allahu akbar”
    His brothers from afar as the bomb: “Allahu akbar”
    The relatives of the dead from the mosque: “Allahu akbar”

    Find the mistake …

  4. Nice allahu akbar,i pooped that mtfk everyweek

  5. Muslims decimating muslims? I’ll buy that for a dollar.
    Alloha snackbar

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