Drunk man rapes dog


Passers-by heard a dog that was being raped whining in the bushes. Witnesses called the police.

However, the police did not detain the zoophile, citing the fact that ‘the dog will not write a statement about rape’. After the distribution of the video, there was a public outcry. It turned out that the bestialist was a 26-year-old man who was very drunk that day. Now he faces a fine for cruelty to animals.

Volunteers found the dog and interviewed it. The dog said that he felt good and smiled enigmatically. Now the dog is in a shelter and her health is taken care of by veterinarians.

Ust-Kamenogorsk, Russia.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. Why not stomp him a bit? Aren’t you Russians the “last bastion of humanity” immune to all the Western degeneracy?

    1. LOL. What kind of Russians do you mean? Those who raped children in Bucha? Those who stole dog kennels, washing machines and women’s panties in Ukraine?
      By the way, the dude who fucked the dog was found on social networks. He was not entirely Russian.

      1. The guy looks like a pussy.

        Well, I’m sure you are aware of the sentiment “Big strong Russia, Europe’s last hope against the globalist immoral machinery”. There is this whole aura around Russia, even though the military is technically subpar. In media they are a bigger threat than they are in the real world, simply because of misconceptions. It’s simply human psychology.
        And it surprises me that Russians aren’t more aware of this and that there is no social atmosphere in Russia to further promulgate this sort of sentiment. If everyone is afraid of you already, it’s in your best interest to catalyze this idea. You are getting political influence handed to you on a plate.

        1. Author

          Such ideas are spread either by useful idiots or agents of the Kremlin.
          You are wrong about the exploitation of this idea inside Russia. Propaganda is trying to replace universal human values with the “Russian world”, “in its own way”.
          But the Russian world and the Russian national idea always ultimately come down to winding other people’s guts on the tracks of Russian tanks.
          This is what will happen in the end if the West does not stop Putin.

          1. Well, still suprising this guy didn’t stomp that lowlife some, out of basic principle.

            What is this “Russian world” anyway? I as an outsider never really hear of this, it seems to be an covert inside idea. What is there uniquely Russian anyway? Whatever country you conquer would just be under the influence of the Eastern Orthodox Church, and would have to learn cyrilic? Anything else? How would a 3rd party tell if they’re in a Russian colony/protectorate?

            I understand if USA wanted to create a Pan-American world but Russians thinking of this seems naive. A pipe dream. There are nukes but you can’t conquer anything with them.

            What will happen in the West? What is Putin going to do exactly? I don’t think I understand

          2. Author

            This is too long to explain in a comment. In a nutshell:
            Russia is a highly spiritual state, unlike the rotten West with its decadent morality, gays and tolerance. The USA and Western countries are our enemies.
            Russia has its own way of development, spiritual bonds, victory in WW2 has been elevated to the rank of cult worship.
            Ukraine, as well as Kazakhstan and the Baltic countries should not exist.
            Aggression towards these countries is explained by the protection of the Russian-speaking population.

            This is an openly fascist cult, but the ideologists of the “Russian world” for some reason call the countries of the West fascists or in one way or another supporting fascism.

            From the point of view of spirituality, propaganda emphasizes that Russia is a multinational country with freedom of religion. There are 4 main confessions: Orthodoxy, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism.
            Everything else is pursued.

            If your brain has not exploded from this nonsense, then imagine what happens to people who have this nonsense poured into their ears every day for 20 years.

            Putin’s plans included the rapid conquest of Ukraine, and then, after mobilizing the Ukrainians and arranging a pro-Russian regime in Ukraine, further aggression. Most likely these were the Baltic countries and Kazakhstan. They talk about it quite openly, especially in relation to Kazakhstan.

            Here, in some detail about the ideology of Russian fascism.

          3. I think this concept is born from a mix of religion, nationalism, personal ambition, insecurity, and a sprinkle of insanity.

            Let’s say “you” take all the above mentioned countries. What’s next? War with the West? Even with every single ex-Soviet country, still no chance against NATO.

            It’s that, Russia just doesn’t have the necessary force to accomplish all of this. It’s not the USA. It’s not China. The oligarchs would have to dig into their own piggy banks to finance all of this.

          4. Author

            The car of one of the authors of this concept was recently blown up.
            The war with the West will arise already in the phase of the attack on the Baltic countries, because they are members of NATO.
            They seriously think that they will be able to oppose NATO in the next stage.
            This is of course an illusion, but internal Russian propaganda convinces the Russians of this.
            They have created a corrupt state that is unable to wage war even with the army of Ukraine.
            All these ideas of the “Russian world” are needed only to cover up their own theft. Officials in the government and the army are stealing billions, the life of ordinary Russians is getting worse, but propaganda says “we are moving towards a great goal, we need to be patient a little.”
            Something like this -)

          5. The daughter of Alexander Dugin got fried in that car.
            Wonder how he feels about this.

            You said “they” think they will be able to oppose NATO.
            You mean the low level grunts, or the actual theorists?
            Because, I just can’t wrap my head around why the theorists would think they will be able to oppose NATO if they are struggling against Ukraine, as you said. How are they smart enough to embezzle billions but don’t see the difference in military might?

            I understand if it’s all a bullshit idea to pool the wool over the Russian public’s eyes, while they steal in the background. But you said they believe it too? If they do, it’s confusing how can someone be this smart and dumb at the same time. Or maybe they’re just nostalgic for the Soviet era and are guided by emotions and half rationalized strategies.
            Like Putin said once: “Whoever doesn’t miss the Soviet Union, has no heart. Whoever wants it back, has no brain.”

            Should there be a war between Russia and NATO, only God knows what the recovery process will be like for Russia.

            How do you imagine Putin being stopped anyway? Assassination, natural death? What would dissuade this man from going down this road he’s on with his patrons?

          6. Author

            Dugin speaks of his daughter’s death:

            Our people cannot be broken even by such unbearable blows. They wanted to crush our will with bloody terror against the best and most vulnerable of us. But they won’t get it. Our hearts yearn not just for revenge or retribution, it is too petty, not in Russian.

            That is, an elderly asshole replaces the concepts of personal tragedy and the tragedy of the people. As if everyone cares about the death of his daughter and himself.

            Oh, this is a very interesting phenomenon. For example, Putin says: “We have weapons that have no analogues in the world.”
            This is picked up by propaganda, which screams from every iron about the unconditional victory of Russia over the United States and the West.
            Putin watches TV and says: “Yes, of course we will defeat NATO.”
            The circle is closed.
            It’s a bit oversimplified, but that’s how it is.
            In confirmation of my words: Putin invaded Ukraine, being sure that the Ukrainians would meet the Russian army with flowers, and the Armed Forces of Ukraine would be quickly defeated.
            In fact, it turned out a little different.

            Of course they want to revive the empire, but without socialism and generally without any social guarantees for the population. Ideally, this is a police state with total control. Some kind of stronism.

            Most likely, by tradition, we will be told that due to illness, Putin is leaving his post. It doesn’t really matter.
            But there is no doubt that no lesser bastard will take his place.

          7. So, a bunch of people with college education, Putin included, think they can defeat NATO.
            We can conclude that this is fanaticism more than rational thought.
            I personally can be a fanatic, you have seen my posts before, but I also know one has to be grounded in reality and empirical knowledge.
            Realistically, if they want to stand over the West’s corpse and smile, they shouldn’t do it via military action. Instead, continue with the troll farms, cyber attacks, espionage, ideological war and financing the left-wingers from Europe to the US.
            They are doing way more harm than any external threat will ever do. Convential military conquests are a thing of the past. The above is much easier, safer, and more economical.
            Or actually start funneling a disproportinate amount of the country’s GDP into the military budget. Actually develop some secret weapons, copy the US military training intensity, and get a fuckload of volunteers to join. Perhaps an alliance with China.
            Or actually rethink everything. Don’t send your countrymen to their death. Invest into education and healthcare.

          8. Author

            They think that in the case of the use of nuclear weapons, they can at least reduce it to a draw.

            The hybrid war has been going on for a long time. It’s just that it’s all been there. And an army of 20 million and a gigantic military budget, and volunteers, and financial assistance to pro-communist regimes.
            All this ended in failure for the USSR in 1991.

            We are standing before the very collapse of what used to be called Russia, at the very beginning of this collapse.

            You do not understand. Russia is not able to develop something of its own. It is fundamentally. All that Russia now has in service is the remnants of the military developments of the USSR.

            Corruption is corroding this country, it is impossible to create something here without the officials warming their hands on it.

            No contract is complete without someone receiving a large bribe. And it’s not just one person.

            And after all this, they say: look, we have developed and are releasing a military drone. Only in reality it turns out that this drone has a German engine, a Japanese camera, and it is made according to the patterns of a stolen drone from the USA. And like a cherry on a cake, the fuel tank is closed with a cap from a soda bottle -)

            And all of this is worth billions. You can’t steal much from healthcare and education, and you need to somehow maintain a repressive apparatus.

          9. There is no winner in a nuclear war. This sounds more like a ” I’d rather see you lose, than win myself ” sentiment, and this type of mentality is only harbored by insecure people with a grudge.

            In my last sentence I meant, invest into healthcare, education, and desist from the Russian World fantasy.
            Trade with the West, sign economic deals, benefit from the money flowing in, actually make Russia a place where the average Russian doesn’t want to drink himself to death because of no prospects and the life-extuinguishing feeling of living in a corrupt depressing country.
            In short: lead a normal life. Stop the war, if you can’t win it.
            But alas, these people are maniacs.

            Say, why are there no revolutions? You people fought Nazis in some of the most hellish conditions. What’s so hard about toppling a bunch of post-Soviet collapse oligarchs?
            Learn from the French. They lead revolutions every Saturday, after the football game and a drink.

            Seriously though, I have grown so tired of seeing hijacked democracies that I even find myself empathizing with the anarcho-communist liberals in the US. Doesn’t matter that they believe in bullshit, they act.

          10. Author

            This is a very reasonable offer. But Putin understands that as soon as life begins to improve in a neighboring post-Soviet country, this undermines his authority within Russia. And this means that his corruption schemes will become known and he will be deposed.
            This means that you need to spend the budget not on education and health care, but on war and the repressive apparatus.
            He fancies himself a great geopolitician and is absolutely far from reality.
            He does not want to repeat the fate of Gaddafi for himself.

            It’s a good question why we don’t have a revolution.
            When 200 people come out to protest, 1,000 policemen and armored personnel carriers with a machine gun arrive.
            When 1,000 people come out of us, 5,000 policemen are against us.
            When we are 5,000 people, policemen from neighboring regions come to Moscow and there are already 15,000 of them.
            Then the repressive machine starts to work. The most zealous are arrested, the rest are dispersed.

            The funny thing is that Western countries supplied the police ammunition to disperse street protests in Russia -)

            The leaders of the Russian opposition have either left Russia or are in prison.
            Perhaps in the near future we will see a repetition of terrorist attacks in Russia. The authorities do not want to see a peaceful protest, so they will see terror.

          11. This is a huge reason why the Americans have the 2nd Amendment:

            ” A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed ”

            It serves as a check against government tyranny and opression. And I agree with this 100%.
            Whenever a government doesn’t allow it’s citizenry to bear arms, immediately it raises the question, what are they afraid of?

            Sadly you need weapons and that’s it.

            How come the West supplied the Russian police with ammo? As far as I know, since the Soviet union until now, Russia never had a problem manufacturing weaponry of any kind. From small arms (AK47 – the most manufactured weapon ever), to tanks and military planes.
            Reading a survey on average number of guns per 100 people, Russia has like 12. Which is behind Germany, Sweden, etc. Far more liberal countries.
            Now I don’t know whether this accounts for total amount of guns, including legally and illegally held. I think it’s total.

            What gives here? Where are all the post war weapons? The hidden stashes?

            These regimes are always just a shitshow. The people suffer shit qualities of life until another despot succeeds the previous fucker.
            Say, personally do you ever plan on leaving? Perhaps learn Germany or Swedish or something, emmigrate there? What if shit hits the fan this year or the next, as far as geopolitic tensions go? It’s always relatively peaceful, until it isn’t. You’re ramming heads with the West after all, it’s not just Russian mercenaries against the US military in Syria anymore.

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