ISIS children execute a man


ISIS terrorists are preparing a worthy replacement. In the video, a 12-year-old teenager executes a man by shooting him in the head with a pistol.
The choral singing required for ISIS propaganda is present.

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  1. coward fuckers, using kid as a weapon shows nothing but cowardice.

    1. I agree with you we can clearly see the kid reaction when he shot him.. so sad these stupid motherfuckers are forcing them do to shit like this and destroying so many young lives

      1. Author

        With or without your permission, I will continue your thought.
        Among the children who carried out this execution were those of the Uighurs, a Muslim minority that is oppressed in China for their Islamic beliefs.
        Let’s think about how the Islamic State has no reason to recruit children.

        1. So it implies that this is happening in China?

          1. Author

            What is meant is meant. The fuller issue says that some of the children are Uyghurs.
            The events probably took place in Syria, ISIS did not leave the coordinates of its base -)

      2. What reaction you retarded faggot? He was reacting to the gunshot as were the two boys behind him.

  2. At least the kid has trigger discipline, can’t say the same for the majority of ISIS’s members

  3. The wotld will be destroyed not by the ones who do evil, but by the ones who watch evil happen and do nothing. _ Albert Einstein.

  4. Human garbage. Worthless trash. Suitable for use only as food for hungry animals. Believe whatever you want worship whatever you want but when you start going around believing “my deity is better than your deity” and using that as a reason to mistreat others you become human garbage and you damn well deserve what’s coming to you.

  5. Again all I hear from these dudes are “Look at finger point, wave hand, I look cool waving finger, I send big message, I point at sky . . . blah fucking blah”.

  6. the child will go to hell and those who made him do it

  7. Isis should fuck theirselves. Bro really killed innocent people and thought that they can do it for free. Isis people are muslim niggers.

  8. What is the name of the song?

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