Russia attacked Kyiv with kamikaze drones


This morning a blow was struck on the center of Kyiv. Iranian-made Russian kamikaze drones ‘Geran 2’ (Shahed-136) attacked residential buildings in the city.

In total, the Russian side released 28 kamikaze drones, 23 of which were shot down by Ukrainian air defense, and 5 reached Kyiv. Another drone was shot down by Ukrainian police with small arms.

4 drones hit residential buildings. So far, 3 people have been killed and 18 wounded. Many people remained under the rubble, rescuers carry out evacuation work.

Russia purchased the Iranian Shahed 129 and Shahed 136 drones back in July and has been using them successfully since then. Iranian kamikaze drones Shahed 136 are marked Geran 2 (Geranium 2), carry about 40 kg of explosives and are characterized by a loud sound of a two-stroke engine, similar to the sound of a moped or chainsaw.

Shahed 136
Shahed 136

Kyiv, Ukraine.

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  1. If it can blow up the Anglo-Saxon maggot’s best mate, then these attacks are definitely worth it.

  2. Why not to assassinate Putin? I’m sure Russia have enough lunatics on the lose , that would run for it.

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