Russian tank shot at point-blank Ukrainian military


A Russian tank fired point-blank at a Ukrainian military at a checkpoint. Ukrainian soldiers let the Russian tank come close, deciding that it was a Ukrainian combat vehicle, and even waved their hand in greeting. At this time, the tank unexpectedly fired a point-blank shot at a group of servicemen.

Witnesses of the Russian occupation in Brodyanka noted that sometimes the Russian column of military equipment puts a Ukrainian tank as the lead vehicle in order to disorient the enemy.

Probably something similar happened this time.

UPD: A video appeared on social networks with footage of the consequences of a point-blank shot at a Ukrainian checkpoint.


At the same time, the Ukrainian Anton Gerashchenko in his Telegram channel said that the video of the execution of servicemen from a tank is the execution of Chechen fighters from the regiment of Akhmat Kadyrov by the forces of the Russian Armed Forces. It is not yet possible to confirm or deny this information.

UPD: The third video of these dramatic events shows the foreground. There are no comments from the Ukrainian side yet.


Attention! All information needs additional verification. The editors are monitoring further developments. If you have any additional information about the incident, write in the comments.

Kharkov, Ukraine.

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  1. Ich glaube, da werdet Ihr hier keinen Erfolg haben, was die von Euch gewünschten Informationen betrifft. Denn ich glaube kaum, dasss hier Leute reinschauen, die Informationen aus verlässlichen Quellen besitzen.

  2. Verstehe ich nicht. Die Russen sollen eine Einheit der Tschetschenen getötet haben? Die Tschetschenen kämpfen doch für die Russen!

  3. Thats a fckn war crime right there

    1. Stupidity is not a warcrime

  4. thank god i dont live in war woulndt want to live with the fear of bombing

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