12-year-old schoolgirl invited a guest worker to have sex

Sex with a 12 year old

A sixth-grader from a school near Moscow met a man from Central Asia on social networks and offered to have sex in her grandmother’s apartment.

The man responded to the offer, but when the lovers began the process, young Lolita’s grandmother unexpectedly entered the apartment.

The grandmother did not appreciate the scene she saw and locked the man in the room. Realizing that the case threatens with pedophilia, the failed lover jumped from the 2nd floor and ran away. However, the police soon detained the guest worker.

The girl claims that the sex was consensual, and the pensioner is confused in the testimony: “I look – my granddaughter is having sex with a guest worker, but I looked more closely – she’s fucking!”

Moscow region, Russia.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. Atleast her photo is blured ,also she was honest, unlike most of the bitches who first have sex ,after getting caught put all the blame and frame the man. But she took blame on herself shows she indeed have moral.

    1. I think I already spoke about blurry photos of minors. This photo is taken from the official Russian media. They are required to retouch photos of minors. If I had a photo of this girl without retouching, I would definitely publish it.
      The world must know its heroes.

  2. This Russian and Ukrainian younglings are crazy, the dark w&b was full of videos from hacked webcams, all mostly eastern European, all mast€rbating to the cam, with pens or the hairbrush handles, they show the thumbnails for those interested in buying or downloading, with some data like resolution and file size, insane

    1. I do not agree with you. 1st place in the distribution of pedophile pornography is occupied by Brazil.
      Belarus is on the 2nd place, Ukraine is on the 3rd, Russia is on the 4th place and completes the top five of the USA.

    1. Thank you. We will change the photo

  3. Yeah that’s very interesting I loved the article. Pedophillia is looked down upon and hated.
    The stigma attached to a pedophille bare existence is a crime in most countries. .
    A father can idolize a daughters belly button or pimple face . A fan can idolize their favorite visual artist or model.

  4. I’m a 16 year old British Chinese girl and live in a London area. If any guy over 25 years old wants to contact me then please do. I want someone who will have sex with me but also take me to nice places to eat food. Instagram: angelianahh

    1. also needs to buy me makeup and clothes that i want lol

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