Dude was cut off his leg and forced to eat it

The dude was cut off his leg and forced to eat. Africa.



  1. these savage Africans deserve to be treated as a Slave and racizise, SAVAGE AND PRIMITIVE THEY ARE, no religion not knowing God the father and no compassion towards others and have no justice system like in developed countries. They are fools to just execute a prescious God given Human life. They need to be Colonize once again.

    1. I’m not agree with you. No one deserves to be abused unless they commit violence themselves

      1. Uh ohhh, not only you have poor grammar skills, but you too are a moral fag! Hardy har har!!!

        1. Dude, you just told the administrator of this site. Think about it and draw conclusions. Or I’ll make them for you.

          1. The fact that you just told me that you are admin now makes it all fucky and upside down.

          2. By fucky and upside down I mean all messed up. No one told me who you actually are in terms of whether you are just a regular member or an administrator.

          3. I’m sorry for being rude, Admin.

          4. are you actually admin bbg?

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  4. Niggers need to be executed this way at birth!!!

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