Graveyard Glutton

 Everyone becomes psychotic in his or her own way.

Иркутский каннибал
Irkutsk cannibal taken into custody

An elderly woman came to the local police station that day. In her hands was a plastic bag in which was a newspaper parcel.
According to eyewitnesses, the woman hesitated for a long time in the duty unit, not daring to turn to the police. In the end, she turned and asked to be sent to some investigator. I did not answer the questions of the duty officers about the purpose of the visit.
It was a day off, and she was taken to the duty investigator.

-I have got a son. He is 30 years old, and for several years now something strange has begun to happen to him, ”the woman told the policeman. – We used to live in Irkutsk. Then they sold the apartment there and moved here.
In Irkutsk, his son worked at the factory as a turner, and when they got here, he worked as a car mechanic in the workshop for a while, then completely quit his job. Even in Irkutsk, I began to notice that my son contacted either a company of crazy people, or he had “crazy” himself.
A few years ago he began to make strange speeches. The fact that there are ancient African teachings that allow you to achieve immortality. To do this … you need to eat the human brain and human meat. I was hoping that when we leave Irkutsk, his delirium will stop, but no, and the same thing continues here. The policeman politely listened to his worried mother, but noted that this kind of “oddity” was not a matter of the police, but rather psychiatrists. Like, everyone can go crazy in their own way, but so far nothing illegal has happened – the police have nothing to do with it.
“That’s just it, which is apparently happening,” the woman whispered somehow in fright.
And she told the following. After retiring from a car service, her son did not work anywhere for a long time. They had to live only on mother’s retirement.
And just recently, my son rented a place in the market and has been selling some meat there for three days. Moreover, according to the woman, the meat is very strange and not very fresh, with a clear “smell”. When asked by his mother where he got it from, his son replied that former friends from Irkutsk were delivering the goods to him with an opportunity.
He trades and takes back a “percentage of turnover”. Indeed, in the very last days, his son had some kind of money, and just yesterday he brought home a piece of meat, which he traded in the market. The son said that it was “for home,” and asked his mother to cook something.
“This morning he went to the market, and I immediately to you,” the woman finished her story. “I saw every meat in my life, but this,” the woman unfolded the bundle, “is unlike anything.” I do not like this, given the “thing” of my son. Well, those about human meat and the human brain that you need to eat.
Hearing this, the investigating captain flinched. And somehow he immediately believed a strange visitor. But in Ch., As in most Russian provincial towns, there was no forensic examination laboratory of its own. Therefore, a piece of strange meat was put in the refrigerator and literally the next day sent to Irkutsk in the laboratory for analysis. And the policeman advised his mother to be careful with his son, not to argue with him and observe his behavior.
If he sees something unusual, call the police right there.
The next day, when the meat was taken for examination to Irkutsk, local police and market employees on a plausible pretext – the lack of a health book needed for any seller, closed his son’s trade on the market, and put all his goods – the same “strange meat” – into cold cellar at the market. The calculation was correct – earlier than in a week, the son will not be able to issue a sanitary book, and during this time the results of the examination will come from Irkutsk.
These “results” really came in a week and … they are not alone. These results were brought to the town by a whole investigative team, which was urgently sent to Ch. Irkutsk Regional Prosecutor’s Office. The reasons for this were more than compelling. The meat sent for examination turned out to be human. And it belonged to a man who died at least three days before the sale.

Graveyard Glutton
January nights in Siberia are very, very cold. Therefore, going to the next business, he quietly, so that, God forbid, not wake the mother sleeping in the next room, put on two sweaters, two warm pants, a sheepskin coat and a warm hat. Then he quietly left the apartment, closing the door behind him. I went down to the basement of the usual Khrushchev’s five-story building, where they lived with their mother. He had long since picked up the keys to the basement. He opened the door and grabbed the spade and shovel carefully wrapped in sackcloth. The night was long and troublesome, but … immortality was worth it.
Just yesterday, on duty at the city cemetery, he saw a funeral procession. A coffin was lowered into a freshly dug grave. He did not know who was buried, because he was afraid to come close. Yes, it was not important.
It was half an hour’s walk to the cemetery, but it took him more time, since he did not risk going out into the lighted streets in order to avoid meeting with even rare but serious police patrols. Therefore, I had to get yards and gardens.
In the end, he reached the cemetery. He orientated himself in the dark and, despite the snow, found the fresh grave that he had looked at yesterday.
Now the most difficult was coming. In the Siberian frost, even freshly dug up land grasps instantly, and he had several hours to actively use a spade and a shovel to get to the tomb.
It was already four in the morning, when a shovel hit a tree. Having cleared the coffin lid, he lifted it. In the coffin lay a dead man – a man of about fifty.
He dragged the dead man out of the grave and pulled out an ax from his belt. At first, the necrophile chopped off the dead man’s arms and legs. He carefully wrapped it all in polyethylene and put it in a stored backpack. And now the most important thing was coming.

Кладбищенский обжора
Tomb desecrated by cannibal

With one blow with an ax, he chopped off the dead man’s head. With his terrible burden, the necrophile went to the nearest stone slab and, with a blow of his butt, opened his skull. He took out a large tin can and a tablespoon from his backpack and carefully, trying not to lose a drop, he began to scrape a human brain out of a broken skull.
He scraped it out, put it in a jar, and right there, beside the tattered grave, made a small fire. Fortunately, there was enough dry land in the cemetery, and he brought gas with him. When the fire broke out, the necrophile put a tin can on it and began to warm the grayish pieces with bloody veins inside it.
He took a jar out of the fire with a rag, cooled the brew a little and … began to eat it with the same spoon. It was tasteless, even disgusting, but it was written in books about the custom of one of the wild African tribes. In order to gain immortality, you need to eat not only human meat, but also the human brain, And he believed this book.
After breakfast, the vandal gathered up the tools, threw the remains of the corpse into the coffin and closed it with a lid. He somehow threw the grave with earth – the snow was supposed to hide the traces of vandalism. Then he carefully extinguished the bonfire and, putting on his back a backpack with limbs chopped off from the corpse, also cautiously, with gardens and yards, he moved home.
Before entering the apartment, he went into the basement. He laid down his tools, took out a flashlight and, under his light, cut up the arms and legs of the corpse. He put the bones and the remains of the clothes into a hole carefully dug in the basement floor and piled on top of various rubbish.
The basement was no warmer than the street, so he could not be afraid of the smell of rot. He also put the meat in a bag and left it in the basement. Tomorrow he will carry it to the market. And mother will say that “friends from Irkutsk” sent a portion of the goods for sale …
All of this, the detained 30-year-old Viktor K. told the investigators the day after the investigative brides arrived from Irkutsk with terrible results of the examination.
His words were fully confirmed. Two open graves with stumps of human bodies were found in the cemetery. And in the basement of the house is a pit with bones and rags. Now the cannibal will have a psychiatric expert examination, which will determine his future fate.
The events described above took place in the city of Cheremkhovo, Irkutsk region.


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