Maniac – ‘hammerman’ Nikita Lytkin committed suicide

Maniac - ‘hammerman’ Nikita Lytkin committed suicide

Maniac – ‘hammerman’ Nikita Lytkin, convicted of mass murders in Irkutsk and serving a 20-year sentence in prison, committed suicide.

The Department of the Federal Penitentiary Service of the Irkutsk Region reported that on November 28, 2021, prisoner L., born in 1993, attempted suicide. He received urgent medical attention, but on November 30 prisoner L. died.

The FSIN does not directly name Lytkin’s name, but the date of birth is the same.

Maniacs – ‘hammerman’ Artem Anufriev and Nikita Lytkin were accused of a series of murders in Irkutsk near Akademgorodok. By the name of the region they were called “Academy maniacs”.

On account of the ‘hammers’ 6 murders, 9 attempted murders, 2 robberies and mockery of the corpse.

In 2013, the Hammers were sentenced to 24 years in prison. Later, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation commuted Lytkin’s sentence to 20 years in prison.

Nikita Lytkin and Artem Anufriev killed people for ideological reasons, believing that in this way they cleanse the world of weak individuals.

Video with one of the episodes of the ‘Academy maniacs’’:

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