Swedish company releases human-flavoured burger

Human meat burger

Despite the intimidating name, the human meat-flavored burger, according to the manufacturer, Oumph!, is made entirely from a vegetable base.

Ingredients include soy, mushrooms, wheat protein, vegetable fats and a ‘mysterious spice mix’.

The company decided to show that an exclusively vegan dish can be prepared with any taste. Also at Oumph! They said no one was harmed in the making of the human-flavoured burger.

Social media users ask the question: “Who tasted this burger? A connoisseur of human meat?”

If such a product is approached responsibly, there must certainly be a knowledgeable cannibal taster.

However, this is still a rather strange marketing ploy. There are enough materials to make a real human burger, but for some reason the company needed to destroy innocent vegetables.


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  1. Sweden, the epitome of leftist degeneracy

  2. “mysterious spice mix’’. I know about this shit, they must be using real human flesh or something like that.

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