Passers-by tried to catch the falling boy with a carpet


Flying boys in panties found in Yakutsk. A 5-year-old child, left unattended, got to an open window on the 12th floor and decided to see if he could fly without the help of a parachute or other aeronautical means.

However, passers-by noticed this and decided to help the novice pilot by softening his fall with the help of a carpet. The boy noticed this and decided to fly past the set trap in order to smear a bloody puddle on the surface of the Earth.

At this time, another passerby offered his body to cushion the child’s fall. As a result, all survived and are in the hospital. The child has a trauma to the chest and abdomen, swelling of the brain. The rescuer’s injuries were not reported.

Over the past week, flights of children from windows have become more frequent in Russia. Not later than 2 days ago, the mother threw the children out of the window and threw herself.

Yakutsk, Russia.


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  1. Why your country is so fucked up? Everyone including kids are suicidal.

    1. Author

      I did not choose this country. Perhaps something will change for the better when the faggot Putin and all his henchmen die.

      1. Russia is hardly alone in their suicide rates. Developed nations are not immune to it either.


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