ISIS terrorist ambush


ISIS terrorists ambushed government troops and burned several trucks to the traditional choir singing on video.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. i think the idea of hiding behind corn crops is brilliant!

    1. Made a script to grab stuff you can’t download.
      You’re welcome!

      I edited your comment a bit for better visualization.

      1. Author

        This is not at all necessary. We allow downloads.

        From time to time, depending on the pressure placed on us, we change this policy.
        I already answered this dude’s comment about downloading those videos that don’t have a download button.

        • Open the page source in your browser CTRL+U
        • Press CTRL+F
        • Enter mp4 in the search box.

        Please do not overuse video embeds on other sites.
        Over time, we will add this to the FAQ section.

  2. This is not IS, this is Al-Qaeda i think in Somalia. IS put their black-white flag in all their videos at the top right. Also Al-Khatib is not one of their media organizations of IS. IS have Al-Forqan, Al-Hayat, Al-Itessam, Al-Furat, Those are the ones who make videos.

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