ISIS terrorists crushed a captive with a tank


Terrorists ISIS not cease to amaze ingenuity types of executions. Now an unfortunate man in an orange robe is being crushed with a tank to bad Arabic music. Terrorists are enjoying his brain crushed.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. Muslims being killed publicly by the ISIS, and then comes an american lapdog to connect the former with the latter, enjoy the national unbiased media

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    2. Muslims are not terrorists. ISIS can never be Muslims. Our Prophet did not teach us this.

  2. Can anyone tell me how painful is this kind of death? Hopefully it was an instant death.

    1. Your ankles crackle and snap, then the knees, then the hips, then your organs get squished, your ribs break like a bunch of sticks, eventually the threads go over your head and your skull and brain gets splattered. I imagine it’s painful as fuck for a few seconds, until the head crushes and the brain is no more. Modern tanks average 50 tons which is enough to leave you pancaked. He was unrestrained as far as legs go, so if I were him, I would have jumped head first instead of legs first.

  3. Muslims are terrorists and murderes

    1. Ok, Muslims are terrorists and murderers, but how do you explain this fact: once I had big problems in my life and among those few people who helped me was a Muslim. I never saw him, we talked over the Internet, we had things in common.
      But this person gave me support and was ready to come to me for 1500 km.

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        1. Lol. Your erotic fantasies know no bounds -))
          There is a theory that people who hate gays are latent homosexuals. Think about it the next time you emotionally express your assumptions.

    2. FUCK MUSLIMS! they think that their religion is above all the others. they WILL KILL you if you don’t comply to them

      I want to slowly KILL EVERY fucking MUSLIM, anyone named Mohammed and FUCK ALLAH. they “MUSLIMS” need to be extinct

      1. If you are in Europe, this sentiment is understandable.
        However if you’re an American, you’re a coward for not dealing with your own problematic races; the niggers, kikes, beaners, etc

      2. Any religion considers itself superior to all others. But only extreme forms of Islam require strict adherence to the norms of Islam.
        This is somewhat annoying, but you can live in peace with Muslims.
        And it is better if the Islamic world is on the other side of the border.
        Something like this.

  4. Forget about killing that fucker , where the hell these musALL motherfuckers got a ACP tank??? Who supplied it to them!??

  5. Anybody wants to talk about tiananmen?

  6. bruh, just let yourself fall forward, less painful.

  7. Muslims are not terrorists. ISIS can never be Muslims. Our Prophet did not teach us this.

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