Futuristic painting of the Shanghai protests


The lockdown in connection with the coronavirus epidemic in Shanghai has been going on for two weeks now, and the patience of the inhabitants of this city has reached the limit.

Many of them try to go outside despite the prohibitions of the authorities. Shops, parks, squares, schools, kindergartens and other public places are closed in the city.

Despite such a strict quarantine, the number of coronavirus cases is increasing daily by 5,000 people.

Shanghai, China.

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  1. 限制自由封控不提供科学依据和统计数据支撑,强制核酸,强制口罩,不提供必要性解释和科学依据以及数据统计支撑。我怀疑这是全视之眼爪牙策划的,并且,我感觉中国美国俄罗斯澳洲欧洲等国家的秘密军事派系协调星际联盟的行星解放行动指令已经组建地球联盟统一阵营。现在的地球局势由全视之眼上层的地球隔离轴心阵营星际罪犯垂死支撑着,依靠先进的量子异常干扰场技术和引爆人质机制做为解放的最后阻碍,但星际联盟正在清除这些阻碍,一旦清除完成将给出绿灯,地球联盟统一阵营将协同行动快速拿下每个国家参与军政权力的所有全视之眼爪牙反人类份子以及叛国者犯罪份子

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