Police chase ended with gunfire and fire


Moscow police officers tried to stop a BMW X5 car, which, as a result of the chase, rammed 6 cars on the Moscow ring road.

The BMW X5 was driven by 23-year-old Sergei Novikov. After his car did not stop at the request of the inspectors, a pursuit began for him. The police shot the front wheel of the BMW, but the car continued to move and rammed a taxi car that flew off the road.

On the way of the fugitive there was a traffic jam, which is not uncommon on the ring road. Then BMW, moving along the reserve right lane, pushing other cars, rebuilt into the leftmost lane bounded by a dividing curb, where it rammed 5 more cars, one of which caught fire.

Shots and eyewitness comments are heard in the video.

When it became impossible to continue driving, Sergei Novikov left the car and ran away, but a police officer was detained.

6 kilograms (13.2 lb) of drugs were found in his car.

Drugs in BMW Sergey Novikov

UPD: after a search carried out by the police in the house of Sergei Novikov, more than 1000 packages of drugs were found.

Drugs in Russia
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