The corpses of Russian soldiers are eaten by cats, dogs and pigs


It seems that in the near future Ukraine does not need to buy pet food. Cats, dogs and pigs enjoy eating the corpses of Russian soldiers.


109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. Nice party ! And then people say cats are cute . Disgusting cats and dog should be boiled and eaten .

      1. HAHAHAHAHAHA ???. Nice one lol ???. You LITRALLY destroyed that jap shit. Hehehe

        1. Look up Issei Sagawa. A cannibal and killer who once extradited back to Japan became somewhat of a celebrity, instead of being ostracized.
          The fucking Jap is vile and disgusting in his own way

          1. If japan’s emperor remained in reign, we would see japanese pathetic scientists experimenting such nature behaviors on chinese corpses.
            What’s more frustrating than Hiroshima and Nagasaki, is the wacky anime bs that ruined the entire weebs, including the youngsters in your society

          2. Can’t blame the anime for the retarded shitheads we have in our societies today. Yes, anime is shit, but why are you and me not drawn to it? It’s the lack of pride, identity, nationalism, that is the fundamental problem. A house without a foundation, doesn’t take much to topple it. It will sway and fall in whatever direction the wind blows. And right now, the wind is blowing fucking hard

    1. Author

      Sometimes people eat cats and dogs, sometimes the other way around.
      I stocked up on a couple of cats in case of a nuclear war -))

      1. You’re joking right? lol

        1. Author

          How to say to you? It seems to be yes, this is a joke, but on the other hand, Putin is crazy enough to plunge the world into a nuclear catastrophe.
          And in this case, my cats have a much greater chance of surviving than me -)

          1. lol well I don’t know, never hurts to make sure.

            I don’t know honestly. The man has family himself. He has daughters. Why would he doom them? I think he’ll just fake his death and hide somewhere in Siberia or South America or something. He has billions + connections like no other.
            You say he’s crazy and all but he is no different than the other sensational outspoken leaders of the world. He’s not the first to pull stunts and give scary speeches. He’s not the first to wage war. There’s always these fears of nuclear war whenever Russia is involved in something. Remember the Cuban missile crisis? Noone fucking cares if it doesn’t involve Russians. I think this has become just a sentiment now. This atmosphere of Russians being the penultimate villain, rather than China or Israel or whatever. From Hollywood movies to video games to mass media. Putin said he’ll use nukes. I think he’s fucking lying mate. That’s my money. I think the war will end next year before Q3 sometime in the summer and we’ll all move on.

          2. Author

            Putin is afraid of only 2 things:
            1. Lose power
            2. Lose your life
            Both will inevitably happen, a matter of time. But in order to stay in power longer, he is capable of an insane act.
            And in this case, the question between me and my cats is being decided – who will eat whom first? -))

          3. How is Putin is crazy for defending Mother Russia?

          4. @sonderfuhrer , it’s my humble request before you die , do me a favor and post your photo here, i mean seriously. Aren’t you a legend yourself eh? Creating THIS website and allowing users to have open speech opinions. even succeeds in terms of racism. I want to see the creator of this whole shit. Yes do it please before you die , upload your pic , legends like you are 1 in billions.

          5. Author

            It’s strange to hear about racism, I’m more of a liberal centrist by conviction.
            Well, yes, good. If Putin starts a nuclear war, I will publish my photos.

          6. So he doesn’t care about his family? He won’t be in power if he starts a nuke war. He won’t be alive either. How would a nuke war help any of his two agendas?

          7. Author

            He calls his daughters “These Women”.
            Many believe that Putin is insane and I subscribe to this opinion. This man has ruled Russia for 20 years, he is completely out of touch with reality.
            The nuclear button is controlled by him, his friend Defense Minister Shoigu and someone else. This someone may turn out to be a character like Surоvkin, who decided to deal with “nigers and fagots” in the West.
            The threat of nuclear war exists, it is foolish to deny it.

          8. Yes, but don’t they know everyone loses if nukes take off?
            I’m assuming you’re saying they don’t care?

          9. Author

            If there is a threat to their power, IMHO, Putin will use nuclear weapons, he is crazy enough.
            I wrote about it here.
            For example, if Ukraine develops an offensive so much that it can enter the Crimea.
            Yes, he is afraid for his life and only this stops him from using nuclear weapons.

          10. Well I don’t know. It’s an interesting time to be alive.
            If it indeed happens, it’ll be one glorious way of leaving this world and it will be one of the most important events in human history. There was a guy commenting how he hopes for nuclear war so that mankind gets wiped out. And sometimes when I drink too much I share that sentiment

          11. Author

            The problem is that most people in the event of a nuclear strike will not die instantly, but will die long and painfully.

          12. I remember a joke about preparing for nuclear war, being: “take shelter in a bunker to avoid a quick and painless death in favor of succumbing to radiation poisoning and starvation.”
            Well, the targets will be major population centers and military strategic targets. The common yield of modern nukes is the equivalent 1 Megaton of TNT, which has a blast radius of around 3-5 km, and 3rd degree burns up to 15~ kilometers from ground zero. That is just one. I imagine a fuckload will be launched from all sides. All over Europe, Western Russia and the US. One big nuclear clusterfuck. I dont know about China, India and Pakistan

  2. France is a little faggot

  3. Did you get this video from the faggots from reddit? They always put music in these vids, they think its cool. SONDERFUHRER open reddit and see the general consensus, you might rethink your stance on pussy bitch Ukraine. All are weak faggot niggers loving Ukraine. They hate Russia almost on the same level as the Nazis during WW2.

    1. Author

      I took several videos from Ukrainian publics, put them together, zoomed and blurred, took a fragment of the composition “Vanka-Vstanka” by Masha Kondratenko, slightly changed the speed of the video and cropped the clips so that they fell into musical accents, added transitions, my own copyright and published.
      And in Reddit our accounts are blocked -)

      1. Why are they blocked? Because you don’t censor us when we say nigger and kike and other “bad words”? From what I’ve seen, Reddit is a website for Western leftist neckbeards with low testosterone to congregate in, and tap themselves on the shoulder for being weak

        1. Author

          They are shy of our content. Perhaps some of our accounts remained there, but in general, our relations with social networks do not add up.
          From time to time there is an asshole, burdened with false morality and writes complaints against us.

          1. @Sonderfuhrer: So a few comments up you act surprised to “hear about racism” while you reply to a racist comment yourself. Seriously, there’s hardly a single upload that isn’t 90% racist. Are you really that blind?

            Also, “false morality”? You’re really full of yourself, aren’t you? If your accounts can be removed then they obviously violate the site’s TOS and as such the general consensus of morality over there…

          2. Author

            You and I have somewhat different ideas about racism due to our mentality.
            I will repeat again. I do not hold racist views.
            Reminds me of South Park for some reason. The episode where they lost the Internet:
            – Now I’ll tell you the truth!
            – And we don’t give a shit!

          3. “Seriously, there’s hardly a single upload that isn’t 90% racist”
            Does this mean the description? The descriptions are intentionally dark humored and sarcastic. If this is the problem, then you’re a fucking pussy and that’s all it is.

            If however you mean the contents of the video are racist, then please explain how a nigger hanging a nigger makes the cameraman and uploader “racists”?
            It’s nobody’s fault that niggers chop each other up more than humans

  4. Those must have been animals that had owners but got abandoned because of the war or stray animals but hey they have to eat too.

  5. eat up the fascist scum :p

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