Drunk Hindu and a pistol


A little Indian fun accompanied by traditional music and a pistol in the hands of a drunk Hindu. What could go wrong?

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  1. Hindu men are brave men, even without getting drunk, and they really get drunk with their boyfriends, they are the bravest sodomites in the world !!!

    1. no he dumb or he played video games so much so he doesn’t know that when unload the mag, these still one bullet loaded into the gun

  2. Correction: This Guy was from Pakistan and he was not drunk he is Mentally Challenged, This is what they told us but he might be drunk who knows?

    1. Author

      I also had an idea that the guy was from Pakistan. Weapons are sold more freely there than in India.
      This group is clearly not Muslims, and since the insider did not provide a commentary on the video, there was an assumption that this was, after all, India.
      If anyone has a link to the background of the event, leave it here.

  3. You are sick!! I hope you wil get some help. If not, Please kill yourself. We dont need you on this planet.

    1. nothing clean ever comes out from the mouths of any indian men.

      That fucking grown man in video need some rough up to get him disciplined, NOT HELP, are you blind or what, can’t see there are women and kids around, and that cock-sucking wife-beating faggot is playing with firearm??

      Sikh Hindu India Thunggee = S.H.I.T

      1. chuslim lives don’t matter. let the culling begin. bikharistan. stinking brown convert street shitter chuslim 3rd class nigga

  4. This is bhikharistan 🇵🇰 bro chuslim ☪️🕋🥒 people

    1. Fuck you stiinkiing Pajeet, If you ccould say it to my face I would fuck ur MOm and butcher her in pieces in front of ur eyes, than I will Blow ur head with my Kalashnikov.

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  5. Guys he isn’t hindu or Indian btw. He’s Pakistani nd the video is from there too.

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