Drunk Hindu and a pistol


A little Indian fun accompanied by traditional music and a pistol in the hands of a drunk Hindu. What could go wrong?

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  1. Hindu men are brave men, even without getting drunk, and they really get drunk with their boyfriends, they are the bravest sodomites in the world !!!

  2. Correction: This Guy was from Pakistan and he was not drunk he is Mentally Challenged, This is what they told us but he might be drunk who knows?

    1. Author

      I also had an idea that the guy was from Pakistan. Weapons are sold more freely there than in India.
      This group is clearly not Muslims, and since the insider did not provide a commentary on the video, there was an assumption that this was, after all, India.
      If anyone has a link to the background of the event, leave it here.

  3. don’t look down on hindu men, Irish Prime Minister, UK PM, Indian president, Singapore president, Burma prime minster and many more are all hindu men, though most of them are bisexual or gay and violent, they the hindu men still the head of states of many countries and many fortune 500 CEOs…… get use to it bro !!

  4. hey litsen he is a muslim and from Pakistan not hindu check other gore websites or news u will se

  5. Oh no now he can’t shit in the streets his hand can’t wipe his ass 😢

  6. Fuck all you sand niggers go back to your shithole country

  7. i get it, he thought since he took the magazine out there wouldnt be one in the chamber, but still, Dont point guns at yourself guys lmao, i mean, unless you know whats gunna happen, in that case rip.

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