Double murder of a man and a woman

The incident took place on 15.02.2021 in the Riacho Fundo 2 area, Brasilia, Brazil.
The man reportedly, 24-year-old Thiago Duarte Neto and his girlfriend, 23-year-old Talita Souza Mendonça, were returning home when a black car stopped nearby and three men shot the couple in the car. The dog, which was in the woman’s lap in the car, was also injured.

A man and a woman were shot dead by unknown persons. In total, the attackers fired more than 20 shots.

After which the suspects disappeared.

According to local police, shots were fired from an automatic weapon of 9 mm.

Police believe that the attackers probably belong to the criminal group Comboio do Cão, operating in the region.

Conducted search of criminals.



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