Dick on the road caused heavy rains

Dick on the road
Dick on the road

Can a dick on the road make it rain? It turns out it can. The villagers of Chachengsao village in Thailand have confirmed this. Every year, for over 100 years, the villagers have erected a huge statue of the phallus on the road.
According to the head of the village, the statue of the phallus does not interfere with the drivers, as it is located on the road leading to a dead end.

They believe that the ritual erection of a statue in the form of a male genital organ causes rain. Construction takes place in a solemn atmosphere and is accompanied by prayers.
Later, residents come to the statue with offerings. Rain is essential in this area for the successful ripening of the crop.
You can be surprised as much as you like, but as a result, heavy rains in the village of Chachengsao still started. Whether the penis helped or whether it was a natural phenomenon remains a mystery.

Rain and dick statue
Rain and dick statue

Chachengsao, Thailand


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