Drug dealer was beaten and smeared with green paint


The girl is beaten at gunpoint and smeared with green paint on her face for selling marijuana.


109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. In situations where men would be killed, women usually get away with just a slap on the wrist. So much for equality of the sexes.

    1. You still take that sentiment serious? It’s just an empty platitude that only radfems believe in. The rest of the world isn’t as retarded as the dorks on American college campuses

      1. @final solution , wow buddy so much racism you do do here thinking it’s normal because the administrator of the website gives us freedom of speech without restriction, but that doesn’t mean to use that freedom to abuse others. Let Me tell you I’m also a white but some issue must be addressed.

        We whites (Europeans, from the git-go) came to this new land as “colonists” and soon began rearranging this territory’s resources and its natives. Laying claim to this vast New World! Early on, some of us whites envisioned vast fields of sugar cane and tobacco and cotton. And thus anticipated the need for tens of thousands of laborers to do the backbreaking work required: Plant it. Harvest it. Load it on ships bound for northern and European markets. The cheap answer: slaves!

        In time, elsewhere on this continent, some of us other white Americans wound up stealing a good chunk of Mexican land from the Mexicans. We decided to call it Texas.

        These truths were among those whitewashed — how’s that for an apt description — in our history books.

        The whitewashing continues to this day, in an American society so entrenched in white privilege that some of us whites have never considered this good fortune to be anything other than what God and hard work willed to us.

        Some of us whites should notice how we have messed up America and try to make amends
        Don Ray SmithOpinion contributor
        Given the unvarnished song lyrics, the insulting monuments, the incendiary flags, the grim historical recountings — sometimes I get the low feeling we whites should just clear out of America. Go before we screw up the place any more.

        It would only be right.

        We whites (Europeans, from the git-go) came to this new land as “colonists” and soon began rearranging this territory’s resources and its natives. Laying claim to this vast New World!

        My oldest reference book, my huge 1878 Webster’s Dictionary, features an interesting quote. A person named Bancroft, presumably a man — what else, given the era — delivered it: “The wide continent of America invited colonization.”

        Invited? Ask the Native Americans who sent out the invitations.

        As the years and generations passed, we white colonists-turned-Americans drove these indigenous people off or, if need be, killed them out of the way.

        Early on, some of us whites envisioned vast fields of sugar cane and tobacco and cotton. And thus anticipated the need for tens of thousands of laborers to do the backbreaking work required: Plant it. Harvest it. Load it on ships bound for northern and European markets. The cheap answer: slaves!

        In time, elsewhere on this continent, some of us other white Americans wound up stealing a good chunk of Mexican land from the Mexicans. We decided to call it Texas.

        These truths were among those whitewashed — how’s that for an apt description — in our history books.

        The whitewashing continues to this day, in an American society so entrenched in white privilege that some of us whites have never considered this good fortune to be anything other than what God and hard work willed to us.

        ‘The White Christian Shuffle’:Southern Seminary sets aside $5 million for Black students

        But there’s so much evidence, right there in front of us, that the system has been gamed all along…

        Some of us whites might notice that — well lookee there! — it was the white guys who ran city hall. The police department. The state legislature. The newspapers.
        Some of us whites might notice that most of our cities and towns, if they’re named for people, usually take the names of white men.
        Some of us whites might notice that, over the generations — wow, what are the odds! — white families just happened to live in the nicest parts of town.
        Some of us whites might notice that whites just happen to have most of the good jobs.
        Some of us whites might notice that the multi-millionaire owners of virtually every NFL, NBA and MLB team is a white man.
        Some of us whites might notice that public schools in affluent white parts of town have the best materials, best facilities.
        Some of us whites might notice that expensive white neighborhoods seem to have more police patrols, cleaner streets, less violence.
        Some of us whites might watch those “golden age of television” reruns on oldies channels and notice that they seemed to be set in an America that was 100% white. And if a Black man or Black woman, or “Indian,” or “Mexican,” or “Chinese,” did walk across the screen, they were nearly always presented as predictable, inferior stereotypes.
        Some of us whites might notice in today’s news that immigrants are often labeled as bad influences on America. Arabs, Muslims, Cubans. Central Americans.
        Some of us whites heading to downtown Louisville for jury duty might notice that the attorneys walking the halls in the courthouse are usually white men in sharp suits and white women in expensive business outfits. While their clients are often poorly dressed Black people who don’t look to have two dimes to rub together.

        CONCLUSION : We white are the worst.

        1. I understand that being forcefed liberal white-guilt brainwashing over the span of one’s lifetime can eventually break a man’s national pride and spirit.
          You fuckers really are a hotbed for such ideological poison.

          We Whites have indeed come to North America and colonized the land. Now look at the country. Let me remind you, it’s the biggest superpower the World has ever seen and will ever see. First on the Moon. A flag of the USA in outer space for any future civilization to be in awe of. Not of Mexico, not of Brazil, not of fucking Zambia.
          Do you think it’s any thanks to the fucking niggers and spics and indians? Of course we are in the nicest places, because it is our fucking land. Do you think the Natives were a bunch of honorable nice people so much better than us “savage White people”? They were a primitive tribal bunch burning each other alive and cannibilizing each other and what not. The niggers in Africa are still doing that. They sold their own into slavery. Look at the videos on this website. Use your own eyes and see who you are trying to placate.
          Yes, we own everything. It is ours. Why should a nigger own an NBA team? I don’t understand what is your proposed solution here? Tell the white man “Ok, now it’s the nigger’s turn to be the owner.” Let me clear something up for you, we are where we are because of hard and intelligent work. Nothing was ever handed to us like to the niggers. They get welfare, taxpaid virtually everything. Government pays for their unproductive criminal offspring. No niggers in the police force? Guess what, they have to apply for a job. Or do you think so little of them that you think requiring them to manually apply for a job is asking too much of them?
          We run everything because we are the majority, and because we work. Unlike the niggers. Africa is free of white people. Look at them. Lowest Human Development Index, lowest standards of living, absolute subhuman loser race. No other way to put it. Nothing is stopping them from growing now, except their own inferiority. Same for Mexico where the cartels are stronger than the military. These people were subhuman miscreants before we colonized them, and after we colonized them. In fact, we brought so much technology and order into their subhuman shitholes whereas they would be still living in mudhuts with no electricity (which some actually still do).
          You gave no solution to any of raised issues above.
          But I am assuming you have a vague idea of a solution: just fire all the white men, and give the positions to random niggers? You are complaining that a white country has streets of names of white people. Do you complain that nigger countries in Africa have street names of black people instead of white people?
          Do you fight the same for representation of whites in Africa? No need to tell me, I know already.

          Define White privilege for me in your next post.
          If I come to your house where you have the privilege of being the owner, can I just demand you to get out because of unfair privilege? You see how retarded and irrational you Americans are? The average American populace is the laughing stock of the world. You get made fun of on Youtube where random people can’t name the continents or solve basic math questions.
          As such, you shouldn’t really delve into more complex social issues. You think a nigger being looked badly on the street is a real world issue. Those are 1st world problems.

          CONCLUSION: We Whites are actually the best. Look at the current world order. We are on top of everything.
          Our countries rank the highest Human Development Index, highest standards of living, so much that your subhuman friends are drowning in the Mediterranean Sea in attempts to illegally emmigrate to our lands.
          If I work hard to accomplish and achieve something, nobody has the right to take it away from me, nor am I am obligated to give it away to some nigger who can’t spell his own name.

          1. @Final solution. Well…here we go , you are still stuck at the same page.

            Before any of you white supremacists out there start to object, I want to preface this by saying that I have nothing against white people. I’m white. Some of my best friends are white. And while I don’t subscribe to the doctrine of white supremacy, I know for a fact that there are a lot of white people out there who are quite articulate. Nevertheless, I can’t help but think you have to be pretty stupid to be a white supremacist.

            I heard an interview on NPR with Pete Simi, author of American Swastika: Inside the White Power Movement’s Hidden Spaces of Hate, about Wade Page, the Sikh temple gunman. Simi had interviewed Page before, and noted that one of Page’s formative influences was his time in the American military. Page told Simi that if you entered the military not a racist, you would still leave as one, and by “you” I assume he meant a white person who was probably pretty racist to begin with. Why? Because the American military treated black soldiers and white soldiers differently. Black soldiers, for example, were promoted over more deserving white soldiers and they weren’t disciplined for offenses like white soldiers were.

            First, I doubt that’s true at all. None of my friends in the military have ever mentioned it, and given racial politics in this country I find it very hard to believe that black soldiers are coddled in the military, except by possibly treating them more equally than society in general (which itself would be a crime from the racist’s perspective). I suspect this belief is the result of selective evidence and confirmation bias. If you are a white supremacist, you believe that black soldiers don’t deserve promotion. Thus, if they get promoted, then it must be because the military is biased towards the black soldiers. Given the shaky psychology of many white supremacists and, as Simi noted, their drinking problems and inability to hold jobs, I would think it’s much more likely that black soldiers would be promoted above them, which would just make them angrier at the unjustness of a system that prefers competence over skin color.

            But even it was true that the American military was biased toward black soldiers and against white soldiers, wouldn’t the obvious target of hatred be not the black soldiers, but the military leadership? The black soldiers benefiting from their preferential treatment are no more individually to blame for their success than white Americans who have benefited from their preferential treatment in American society. And unlike the subtle racism that benefits white people in America, this racial injustice would be caused by an identifiable group of people. So even if it were true, it would seem a logical place to vent your hatred through assault would be a military base or the Pentagon rather than a temple. On the other hand, people attending worship services are less likely to carry M-16s than soldiers on a military base.

            In my experience growing up in the deep south, the sort of people who espouse white supremacy or aggressive racism are always unachieving white people. Though a subtle racism is pervasive though all classes (or at least was when I was growing up) the most outspoken white racists I have met were always unsuccessful by any measure. Successful white people may owe some of their success to being white, just because being white in America makes many things easier for you, but they’re unlikely to attribute any of their success to being white. Quite the contrary, most white people are content to believe that their skin color gives them no advantages whatsoever even they are not aware of it. However, just being white isn’t enough to get by, even in America, a lesson lost on the white supremacists. If you’re white, which I know you are , I guess it makes some twisted sense to demonize a group of people and stew in your illogical fantasies, but it’s still pretty stupid.

          2. The rapid growth of content in social networks
            such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs, makes it im-
            possible to monitor what is being said. The in-
            crease of cyberbullying and cyberterrorism, and
            the use of hate on the Internet, make the identi-
            fication of hate in the web an essential ingredient
            for anti-bullying policies of social media, as Face-
            book’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently acknowl-
            . This paper releases a new dataset of hate
            speech to further investigate the problem.

            Although there is no universal definition for
            hate speech, the most accepted definition is pro-
            vided by Nockleby (2000): “any communication
            that disparages a target group of people based on
            some characteristic such as race, colour, ethnicity,
            gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, or
            other characteristic”. Consider the following2
            (1) “God bless them all, to hell with the blacks”
            This sentence clearly contains hate speech against
            a target group because of their skin colour. How-
            ever, the identification of hate speech is often not
            so straightforward. Besides defining hate speech
            as a verbal abuse directed to a group of people
            because of specific characteristics, other defini-
            tions of hate speech in previous studies care to in-
            clude the speaker’s determination to inflect harm
            (Davidson et al., 2017).
            In all, there seems to be a pattern shared by most
            of the literature consulted (Nockleby, 2000; Djuric
            et al., 2015; Gitari et al., 2015; Nobata et al., 2016;
            Silva et al., 2016; Davidson et al., 2017), which
            would define hate speech as a) a deliberate attack,
            b) directed towards a specific group of people, and
            c) motivated by actual or perceived aspects that
            form the group’s identity.
            This paper presents the first public dataset of
            hate speech annotated on Internet forum posts in
            English at sentence-level. The dataset is publicly
            available in GitHub3
            . The source forum is Storm-front
            , the largest online community of white na-
            tionalists, characterised by pseudo-rational discus-
            sions of race (Meddaugh and Kay, 2009), which
            include different degrees of offensiveness. Storm-
            front is known as the first hate website (Schafer,

          3. What do you have to say for that?

          4. Any reason a nigger would get coddled in the military or anywhere else, as he commonly is in the US, is because of the white-guilted black affirmative brainwashing and social atmosphere, and because Americans have become degenerate cowards. People are calling eachother “racist!!” over the pettiest shit. Hypersensitivity abounds.
            White supremacists are unsuccessful? I can imagine that to be the case in America. Again, you imbeciles are kind of dumb when it comes to history/sociology or anything in general. And I agree with you, from what I’ve seen, it’s mostly loud ignorant shaved headed hooligans, or fat middle aged dorks that can’t name their Founding Fathers being associated with “White supremacy”. “You will not replace us” and the like. Europeans however are more educated and haven’t been forcefed too much neon-green haired tranny-nigger-kike coalition propaganda.
            Each country has it’s share of healthy white nationalists.
            Being an “aggressive racist” or not, is just a thing of preference, and irrelevant to the question at hand. Main thing is the unwillingness to succumb to all the white-guilt propaganda. Again, we don’t owe anyone anything. The niggers can go and work for their own success. It’s not our responsibility to feed a billion subhumans.

            Not sure what point you tried to make with your 2nd message.
            You’re threatening me with surveillance or something?
            I’ll say it again, go post the same shit on forums, websites and chat groups where niggers celebrate the bad shit that happens to us, and call us pejoratives.
            Remember George Floyd and the looting that ensued? White elderly people being hit with bricks by niggers and posting it on twitter #whitelivesdontmatter ? The toppling of statues? Deaths of random whites?
            You think this wasn’t celebrated in nigger chat groups?
            Youtube’s algorithm will readily censor you if you say anything against blacks, while you can openly say anti-white slurs and it’ll go through. Forums and gore sites are places where we get to say what we want without fear of leftist censorship.

            Of course they would call Stormfront pseudo-rational. The single biggest forum for white nationalists.
            Let me finish with an appropriate quote:

            “Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared. The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation. The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it. And, superiority excites envy. Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.” – Joseph Sobran

  2. Buna de lins i as papa pasarica și chiloțeii ei frumoasa

  3. I can understand hard drugs. Heroin, Crack, Cocaine, Meth . . . but marijuana? This for just selling some weed? Fuckin’ brutal.

    1. Not certainly in that way. A major drug dealer hires couriers. Sometimes such couriers deceive large drug dealers. A major drug dealer calls himself a “shop”. Therefore, we often hear on such videos that the drug dealer deceived the store.
      This video is from that series.
      Moreover, many small couriers continue to work for the drug store after the execution.

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