Hindu being beaten with a stick


A bound hindu from the untouchable caste is beaten with a stick for being an hindu from the untouchable caste.


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  1. Man , there was another video of Muslim being beaten with stick from India , and now here we have THIS. So tis guy belongs to a lower caste that’s why he’s being beaten. Am I correct? Subhuman country

    1. Author

      Right. This man is from the Dalit caste.

      1. this video was in the news a little while ago, they said he raped a little girl and was caught trynna lure another little girl i am not sure tho

  2. Yes , i am indian and from lower cast. Yes, we need help from.whole world to escape from so called upper cast. All are himanshu but they treat lower cast people as in human.

    1. U are just trash you all indians should got ur fucking heads cut off and you should kill yourself u worthless piece of shit

  3. In india there is cast system made by upper cast ,”Brahmans”.noone will tell you but all have cast groups and they conspires against each other. RSS is the main evil organisation who follows hitler.
    It’s indian constitution which provided dalits reservations in public sector but , now upper cast snatched our lands and now reservation. There is no dalit in judges bench of supreme court…. Yes , this is my country but it must be criticised where it’s needed. T should come infornt of world ..Why to feel shame from reality.

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