Lynching a thief

The thief was hacked to death with a machete for stealing goats in the village.
Several people in the car Toyota were seen stealing goats. The arriving police tried to detain the thieves, but they fled. However, one of the thieves fell into the hands of local residents who lynched the thief with a machete.
It is reported that the murdered one Victor from the Rosemount area in Linstead, St. Catherine, Jamaica.




  1. At least kill him. Are Africans even human?

    1. They are not humans and it was a mistake to bring them over to America and even to European Countries. They are not equivalent to humans, the same can be said with Arabs who are also destroying such developing countries with their shitty war and terror-inspired religion called Islam.

      1. They were behind in the technology for sure, and then what? the luminous cultural European guy found them? and enslaved them? and gave them weapons to fight each others? teaching them brutality and cruelty?
        Terrorism triggered and inspired by Islam? the religion of peace? the religion that treats the killer as if they killed the entire population and asking for retribution, eye for an eye, ear for an ear… The religion that promises killer the eternity in hell? your world must be so little if these are the visions you have, you must be so proud of how clever you are my g

  2. Banditry will never change.

    This a real gray-on-grey situation here.
    In an ideal world, everybody values life equally.

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