Lynching a thief


The thief was hacked to death with a machete for stealing goats in the village.
Several people in the car Toyota were seen stealing goats. The arriving police tried to detain the thieves, but they fled. However, one of the thieves fell into the hands of local residents who lynched the thief with a machete.
It is reported that the murdered one Victor from the Rosemount area in Linstead, St. Catherine, Jamaica.


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        1. Read more history and don’t be so cherry picking of your own history you little sleazeball arab.

        2. Not sure if being sarcastic.. “Religion of peace” made me laugh

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  2. Banditry will never change.

    This a real gray-on-grey situation here.
    In an ideal world, everybody values life equally.

    1. stop torturing and killing people for crimes that are so unimportant you wouldn´t even go to prison for in civilized countries?

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      The false inventions claim is ridiculous, I’m not even going to address it. These events are very well documented, and to claim some nigger has done it would contradict reality in ways more than one. These things are sometimes joint ventures, sometimes an eureka moment by one man, but usually many people know about it, and the contemporaries know very well.
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      And I’ll end this wall of text with a quote:

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      1. He probably wanted to say that blacks invented the black light bulb and the darknet.

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