They cut off an ear, made him eat it and beat him to death with sticks


The dude was first cut off his finger, then cut off his ear and beaten to death with a stick on the head.


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  1. Offfff please don’t do this all I can’t watch it ?
    Poor man

  2. brutal. those guys are animals

  3. This is sick!!! I hope these mf will die in the ugliest way possible

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  5. Deserved. He sexually abused a baby and they chopped the fingers he used and beat him to death. Good job.

    1. Can you provide me the source? I want it.

      1. They say it in the video. Appearently the guy abused of his own daughter.

  6. No, people say we should nuck nigers. No. Tight them to chairs, add sugar in their ass and let eat ant them. Torture them as long as they can live. Don’t let them die. That demons need eternal suffering. And they man who hit him with stick need to be beaten by stick on his balls untill they burst.

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