Russian soldier cuts off the genitals of a Ukrainian prisoner of war


Russian soldiers cut off the genitals of a bound Ukrainian prisoner with a retractable construction knife. At the end of the video, a voice-over reveals that he is a pedophile.

The video caused a great resonance in Ukrainian publics. The Russian serviceman of Asian appearance who carried out the execution, as it turned out, was previously seen in one of the plots of RIA Novosti.

Severodonetsk, Ukraine.

UPD: Over the past night, social media users have revealed the identity of the man who castrated the Ukrainian prisoner of war. His home address, phone numbers and other information are known. There is a $50,000 bounty on his head and a $75,000 video of his murder.

Aroshinov Vitaliy head bounty
109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. Fuck Russia. Fuck their soldiers, fuck their president, fuck their entire regime. Fuck their mothers and their fathers. Fuck their ideals, fuck their military, Fuck Putin, fuck Putin’s mother, fuck Putin’s father, and, oh, fuck you!

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    1. What an embarassing sight. You can’t even contain your emotions at the sight of war. This is a man’s world. You’re behaving like a fucking child.

      1. Referring to asd comment just so you know

        1. They found out who this pos was. He’s from the Tuva region and the fucking ugly piece of shit is still alive.

    2. I hope the Russians and Ukrainians all kill each other and make more gore for me to watch hahaha lol

  2. I wonder if ukraine is going to survive any longer ;(

    1. 3 cheers for the self inflicted white genocide!!!

      Hooray for more white on white violence

      1. It seems as if you need glasses. The perpetrator is a Mongoloid.

  3. Russian barbaric savages. It’s fine. They lost 75,000 monkeys to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. So I’m happy.

  4. Russia is a third-world shithole. I hope these scumbags get what’s coming to them… fucking despicable communist scum.

  5. not the first time the russians been found guilty of ball tampering.

  6. good riddance to this ukrainian piece of shit, during the holocaust the ukrainians helped the nazis kill jews, like in the LVIV and odessa pogroms in 1941, so i will never in my life feel sorry for any christian ukrainian scum, i hope they deserve everything thats coming to them, this is GODS REVENGE for killing jews during the holocaust, and fuck all of you on here who disagree with me, you can find all the proof that ukrainians collaborated with the germans during ww2 on the US holocaust museum archives, so its not my opinion, its FACT

    1. I don’t think God is on the side of jews, you effate manchild. Why do you think did a 80 million strong nation find it reasonable to attempt to genocide the kikes? You ever ask yourself that or do you just guzzle down mainstream talking points and narratives like a sheep? It’s a rhetorical question, I know the answer already.

  7. God fuck Russia nation. Let it rot like North Korea

    1. Author

      It is nonsense. Collaborators were everywhere in Russia and Ukraine. Russians also served in the SS. Just like the Ukrainians.


    1. Author

      I am Russian and I am horrified by what our army is doing in Ukraine.
      If you say “death to all Russians” how are you different from those Russian fascists who commit atrocities in Ukraine?

      1. I fully agree and appreciate that you speak out as you could have chosen to just hold a grudge instead of speaking out. And by doing so you inspire me to do the best I can in order to do the same, which is to relate instead of distancing myself.

        In the midst of all this devastation and horror an opportunity is presented that could bring us to a unity like we have never experienced before. This is for old wounds to resurface in order to be adressed and to be left behind us , for good. And thanks to the wonder of the internet, we the ordinary people of this world are given a chance to open ourselves up to one another, to make that step many of us dreamt of for so long.

        In a way that wasn’t yet possible at the time that wall initially came down. All the dreams and joy we had hoped for that seemed so close then and yet seemed to be drifting so far away while being on our way to where we are today seemed to be much more tangible and within our reach now. We share destination!

      2. He’s equally bad.
        Many people have this false perception that they are morally good. They’re not. They’re just harmless. When you give them power, that’s when their character gets revealed. Most people are harmless cowards, which isn’t a virtue. A person who has power but chooses not to abuse it, is good. A person with no power is nothing. Just a sheep. He has no right to lecture anyone about right or wrong.

      3. Don’t you ever feel like you’re playing a losing hand emphatically supporting people who consider you a subhuman?

  9. Pure scum,these are not true humans,they are fucking parasites,russia is trash.

  10. Russia will win this.

    1. Define win.
      You don’t win wars, you suffer through them. Most of them anyway.
      “Winning” is achieving your goals through diplomatic / political instruments.
      It’s not a video game where the person with the highest kill count wins.
      The political class perhaps may see it as victory, but the families of the fallen soldiers probably won’t care about the little bit of soil that is now within their borders, because they have lost their loved ones.

      It’s not Call of Duty, american.

      1. Rape the Russian men and take back Ukraine Amen

  11. Did homeboy fart at the 35 second mark?

    1. Of course he’s gonna fart it’s revenge

  12. they sohuld cut all pedos dick off. and hands.

  13. Fuckin fuck Ukraine. These ukranian shits promoted nazi ideology in past, now have been providing weapons to terrorists, and pakistan, and funded China in similar cases. Karma strikes back

    1. “Everyone who doesn’t support India is a terrorist and karma will fuck them.” – the Indian

      “Everyone who doesn’t support China is a terrorist and karma will fuck them.” – the Chinese

      “Everyone who doesn’t support Russia is a terrorist and karma will fuck them.” – the Russian

  14. FUCK!!! I can’t take it how is this piece of shit who did this still alive and able to escape justice. Even if someone murdered him and had to spend the rest of his life in a Russian prison he would be a hero. It’s disgusting the person who did this is even alive.

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