Cow Wars. Cow and little Indian girl


If you see a cow walking the streets of a city whose plans are reminiscent of a post-nuclear apocalypse, then this is India. And if there are people nearby, then the cow will attack these people.

Cow Wars. Episode 13. The cow and the little Indian girl. The previous series is here.


All episodes of Cow Wars are here.

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    1. Author

      Insiders say nothing about this. Most likely the child is alive, the children are tenacious.

  1. so entertaining to watch these indians dying lol it has me in a orgasm 🥵💦

    1. Karuki you faggot ass nigga i still remember back when you were pretending to be a korean chick with this same retarded Japanese name who wrote a broken ass elementary school level article on how you got your fat ass harrassed in india

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