A stern Indian cow and a vicious Indian pensioner. Episode 4


Cow attacks on pensioners in India are starting to become systematic. And this is no longer a joke about Krishna, Shiva or Yama. This is an epidemic. Perhaps mad cow disease, perhaps as a result of the coronavirus, Indian pensioners have acquired properties that cause aggressive behavior of cows.

However, it must be admitted that in this case, the Indian pensioner himself provoked an animal sacred to this country. And even if it is not a cow, but a bull, this does not change the situation much.

Previous incidents with cows and pensioners in India:

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  1. And just wait , episode 5 is also coming soon ;)

    1. I’ll say more. Episode 5 is out now. One of the users sent -)

      1. @sonderfuhrer i was the one who sent you the video. Cow vs indian pensioner ass EPISODE : 5


        1. Author

          Thank you. Closer to the night at +3 we will publish this video.

          1. I’m very much excited to see the reaction of other users lol

            Especially “Final Solution”


  2. Cows are worshipped as a ‘mother’ or ‘gau mata’ in INDIA. Hindus worship Cows as a Goddesss, and anyone who consumes beef/cow are ostracized and even killed by mobs in INDIA. What Hindus don’t seem to realise is that a COW/OXEN is not a GOD but a farming cattle. That the cattle should be kept in confines of a farming field and should never be let out in residential areas where the elderly and the children reside. This is an example of what happens when religious sentiments takes over basic human conscience and anyone who questions it is brutally punished by a primitive society.

  3. As usual, women did nothing other than seeing and shouting like the stupid clowns they are.

  4. indian : *attack cow for no reason
    cow : *fight back
    indian : *surprise pikachu face

    1. Poor cow was the victim of bullying by indians , but there is a saying ” when bully fights back everyone is shocked”
      Anyways , good to see cow fought back and defeat that fucked tyrant old poop.

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