Predatory cow attacks pensioner


The cow did not like the ass of the pensioner and the great Vishnu sent the horns of the animal to the fleshy part of the old man on a walker, sending him on a short karmic journey. Whether grandfather ended up in the arms of Shiva or still drags out a miserable existence on the sinful Earth is not known.



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  1. Ur description is what always kill me LoL 🤣😂!!!. Ok jokes asides, it’s sad seeing old man dying like that I don’t usually feel bad for anyone but this was depressing but again no surprise it’s a shitskin country, where 90% are animals and rest are subhumans. Like why tf would u let a cow roam freely on streets? Asshole indians needs to be colonize again.

      1. Thank you dear :) 💕💞. Have a nice day 😘

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