The flayer ripped open the kitten’s belly


Chinese colleagues demonstrate an autopsy of a live cat. The poor animal with its guts out is screaming plaintively.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. Ya chkooopi rah yakol fi roho XD

    1. واخيرا لقيت واحد دزيري كان يبالي ني ندور هنا وحدي😂

    2. Filha da p4t# caralho mn que porra ele ia acha legal se uma pessoa fazer isso com o pai e a mãe dele mds fiquei triste agora só pra ganhar farma

  2. curb stomp a chinese nigger

  3. Stop to torture animais! Wtf! Everyday have a video like this with cats! Do this with humans if you want… but not with animals. I am tired of this! Cats or dogs are doing nothing bad for this humans and they torture for nothing!!!!!!!

    1. Do yourself a favor and don’t watch it. Watch the human gore, and avoid this because it will only cause you mental distress

      1. I tried but I always have hope one day this ends… I love animals so mucho, I would kill all these humans do this with poor puppies.

        1. I do too, thats why I dont watch it. The same parts of the brain that process actual violence in real life also do most of the processing of gore on the internet. It’s the typical mental distress, but on top of that, coupled with the inability to intervene / help. You’re doing yourself no favors watching this.

          1. Bro made a very very very good point. I’m done watching gore

  4. Someone knows from group or site this is coming? If you want to find this people with me, answer this coment.

    1. These are the shifty chinaniggers. There are 1.4 billion of them in mainland china, and then there is the Chinese diaspora as well. These slant-eyed rice-munching pederasts are responsible for every bad thing that ever happens in the world.
      Let’s see they
      Torture animals, organ harvest their own citizens, steal almost all technological and scientific innovations, have no freedom, pollute the most, persecute christians, do mass abortion and euthanasia, ship fentanyl over here, give us the coronavirus (never forget), which probably came from a lab, or from a fucking disgusting wet market.
      Douglas Macarthur had the right attitude as regarding nuking these insects.

      1. A genocide sure seems appropriate for this bunch of subhuman half-men. They all disgust me to the core, but so do most non-Whites.

        1. China is a 5000 years old civilization and has the most intelligent people on the planet, you pinkis can only steal from others like you have done in the last 500 years.
          Don’t forget Europe doesn’t have a history without the Greeces and Rom which both of their people are dark-haired, brwon skinned Mediterranean, not like you ginger Neanderthals who originated in the cold mountains of Russia.

          1. You live in fantasies, subhuman chink.
            Europe has no history? We only steal? I’ll regard this as a troll attempt but I will respond anyway in case a chink reading this actually believes any of this.
            Google “The Rising Risk of China’s Intellectual-property Theft” on AEI.
            China being a notorious intellectual property thief is a widely known fact.
            Most intelligent people on Earth you say, yet everything you use has been invented by the White man. The internet you use, the electricity that powers it, the computers that run it, the software and hardware, list goes on son. When learning physics, who are the people you learn about? Isaac Newton, Einstein, Pascal, Thomas Young, etc. Need I remind you? You in Beijing when teaching your kids about the world, you teach them European science. How does this feel? Pretty demoralizing eh?
            USA with 350million people has a GDP of 18 trillion while China is at 16 trillion with 1.4 billion enslaved chinks. Only way it can compete is by cheap slave labor. That’s how much you value each other, while we are flourishing in luxuries and cheap Chinese shit because you are putting your kids to work 70 hour weeks in factories that don’t even know what OSHA standards are. Thank you for this, “Luke” and thank you Chinese subhumans for offering your children like this.
            Keep getting your petite Chinese daughters some work / student visas to come and study and make a life in Europe and North America.

            Opium Wars:
            “In the early 1800s, opium was being illegally imported into China (mainly by
            Britain), which eventually sparked confrontations over foreign trade. China’s
            rulers, the Qing Dynasty, badly misjudged their strength in relation to Britain,
            which used “gunboat diplomacy” to force China to open to international trade. ”
            “The “gunboat diplomacy” that followed saw China
            lose a series of battles across two wars, with the Qing
            forced to make severe concessions in what became
            known as the “unequal treaties.” These stoked
            resentment in China and inflicted lasting humiliation
            that even today affects Chinese relations with
            Western powers. The damage to the prestige of the
            Qing Dynasty undermined their mandate to rule,
            instigating the series of colossal rebellions that
            would convulse and eventually destroy imperial

      2. Unfortunately I agree. I hope Chine can start to create a law can put all these bastards in prison…china will probably never make this law. I really don’t understand all this shit. Do you think that maybe there are virtual detectives looking for these criminals?

        1. Unlikely, but possible. A serial killer was once caught by what you can call “virtual detectives”. If anyone intervenes here, it will be the local community. They’re the usual vigilante mob that brings justice to animal abusers. Nobody will fly over from another country, and not much can be done over the internet. One could try to identify the person in the video and alert the authorities, but then again, those are chinks. They aren’t people, they’re 1.60m tall cowardly half-men, and weak people take every advantage they can get in life, no matter how shameful.

  5. Trump supports LGBTQ buddy. There you go, your smear campaign: dead in the water before it even took off.
    He isn’t a white-supremacist nor a fascist despite you not being able to see that. I wish he was. That would make one of all the US presidential candidates not a cowardly maggot. But alas, they’re all cowardly maggots.
    Just because someone calls a white person a “racist” doesn’t make him so. If you want to see a real racist and fascist, talk to me

  6. leave cat’s alone you ugly chinese fuckers.

  7. Pazzi bisogna essere malati mentali a torturare i poveri animali andate a fare un culo schifosi merde bastardi

  8. these fucking chinks gotta kill themselves!!!

  9. It licked / ate it’s own inards xD

  10. Rape of Nanjing: 200,000 chinks killed and over 20,000 raped.

  11. The Imperial Japanese Army terrorized and raped the subhuman chink creatures for 6 weeks.

  12. If I could have, I’d do the same.

  13. Us Europeans thank you, Japan, for your great contributions to mankind – partly ridding the world of the chink plague.

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