Bloody showdown in the bank


Two robbers decided to raid the bank, but the guard gave a tough rebuff, although he himself was wounded in the arm. A sea of blood, one robber is killed, and the second managed to escape.


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  1. What a brave man !! Mad respect for the guard !!! ?

  2. luffy shouldn’t be affected by bullets

  3. Correct! Tho my favourite character is Robin and Zoro lol

  4. Bester Wachmann! Hoffentlich lebt er noch – der Räuber hat doch in seinen Rücken geschossen – oder war er dazu schon zu schwach?

  5. Awesome security guard. Mad reflexes to pull out a gun that quickly and deadly wounding the robber.

  6. That’s my favourite part love the spray and slowing down when he was losing blood wow this site is the best!!

  7. This what combat looks like at a small level you have you and your enemy both on the intent to injure or kill each but one is victorious it’s a simple choice that hits you at mach speeds

    1. Right, except smart combatants don’t give their enemy a chance to engage back, like this idiot running at the guard instead of shooting from a distance while he’s not looking. The whole point of firearms is being able to hurt someone from a distance. It’s a ranged weapon.

  8. Did anybody noticed, how, at 00:45 ( on the top left) that person ( in green shirt) seems to casually walk out of the situation. Kinds suspicious.

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