Man throws hand grenade at children


Children were playing in the yard when a man threw a grenade out of an open window. There was an explosion, the children fled, one child was injured, he was treated in the hospital.

The attacker was detained, the causes of the incident are being investigated, the police are investigating the incident.

Dnipro, Ukraine.


109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. Ayoooo WTFF, that guy must be Russian who is harming Ukranian kids.

    1. Details have emerged. The man who threw the grenade at the children was drunk. Russians and Ukrainians have a similar mentality. Drink vodka and then throw a grenade out the window for fun.

      1. Stimmt absolut: Beides dieselbe Brut – und beide gehören daher auch nicht in westliche Länder.

    2. Ne, es ist ja mittlerweile hinlänglich bekannt, dass die Ukrainer gerne ihre eigene Landsleute abmetzeln oder sonstwie töten, besonders dieses Asow-Bataillon tut das gerne.

  2. That’s not what happened lol the stories they make up for people is really random at times. Literally a mine blew up because the kid apparently got too close to one of the thousands of hidden mines in Ukraine rn

    1. Source: Trust me bro.

      It’s in the middle of the city. And the Russians haven’t made it to that city yet. Why are you making random stories up?

  3. Looks like a shotgun blast from the window.

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