Teenager with a knife attacked a woman

15 year old teenager attacked his aunt and cousin with a knife



  1. This is what happens if you let a stupid Teenager become a faggy edge lord who watches Anime, listens to faggot goth music like Marylin Manson, shitty industrial music like KMFDM, Nigger Music like Rap & Hip-Hop, do drugs, hang around 4Chan, and shitty Discord Servers. Another Biological waste in a functioning society.

    1. Wow you just proved that you are exactly part of the problem nowadays. You hold all that salty negative jealous inside then get online at the end of the day and spew pure hatred out there for what? What exactly did you solve with your stereotypical racist bullshit ?? Do you feel better about yourself? This kid is clearly a psycho whom I would have popped off a few rounds in but your analysis from a video without sound or much of a back story is a reflection of your inability to cope with your own deep seeded issues. Your not doing anything that is gonna do anything positive for yourself or society in general. Find an outlet that will allow you to flush all the trama out of your system. Your better than that comment. It pissed me off too but I choose to be part of the solution. There is enough hate in the world already.

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