Schizophrenic attacked a saleswoman

In Ulyanovsk, a woman stabbed an employee of the Gulliver supermarket. On September 6, a woman entered the Gulliver supermarket on Vodoprovodnaya Street in Ulyanovsk. Visitors on Sunday afternoon were few.

The woman took out a knife and attacked the employee, who was laying out vegetables, with the words “I hate all women”. A casual customer and another store employee helped stop the murder.

The attacker was soon arrested. She turned out to be the winner of the Miss Ulyanovsk – 2005 contest and the former wife of a local businessman Vadim Dolganovsky, Natalya Trofimova.

The woman has already been prosecuted twice for similar crimes. Recently Natalya Trofimova was undergoing treatment in a psychiatric clinic with a diagnosis of schizophrenia. The offender was detained and is in a pre-trial detention center. The store employee was taken to the hospital in serious condition.


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