During an accident, a corpse with a cut throat fell out of the trunk


An accident occurred near St. Petersburg: a Mitsubishi Galant crashed into a separation fence. The corpse of a man with a slit throat fell out of the trunk of a car.

The three men who were in the car ran away and tried to hide in the woods. Two of them were detained by the traffic police, and the third managed to escape.

In addition to the corpse, bags and shovels were found in the trunk of Mitsubishi.
The victim turned out to be a 50-year-old native of Armenia Arkadi Kazinyan, who has lived in St. Petersburg since 1996.

As the investigation showed, in the garage cooperative “Laguna” there was a conflict between Arkadi Kazinyan and 26-year-old Yan Shchepanovskiy. During the ensuing fight, Kazinyan and his friends beat Shchepanovskiy.

Then Jan Schepanovskiy called a friend, 23-year-old Egor Komarov, and asked for help to figure it out. In the course of the fight that arose, Komarov and Shchepankovsky killed Kazinyan, then they put the corpse in the trunk and drove it into the forest to secretly bury it.

Both men were charged with murder, the investigation is looking for a third participant in the events.

Yan Schepankovsky (left) and Yegor Komarov (right)
Yan Schepankovsky (left) and Yegor Komarov (right)
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  1. Russia, a policeman stops a black BMW. A man who looks like a bandit comes out of the car:
    – You have a Kalashnikov assault rifle in your car.
    – I have permission for him.
    – Open the trunk.
    The thug opens the trunk.
    – You have a corpse here!
    – But the certificate of death, everything is legal!
    – Why does the corpse have a soldering iron in the ass?
    – This is the last will of a dying person ..

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