An attack on a taxi driver in Yaroslavl


In Yaroslavl, citizens of Armenian nationality were chasing with hammers across the market square after a citizen who somehow did not please them. At this time, the taxi driver, sitting in the car, was filming this exciting story on video.

At some point, the Armenian decided that the taxi driver was a friend of the dude he was chasing with a hammer and broke the windows in the taxi car and hit the taxi driver with a hammer several times.

For the most part, this is a colloquial genre, where the taxi driver calls Armenians persons of non-traditional sexual orientation.

The taxi driver made a statement to the police, an investigation is underway.
Here is the personal page of the taxi driver on the VK social network.

It is quite difficult to translate into English the sophistication of a taxi driver’s curses. The Russian language in which Leo Tolstoy wrote the novel “War and Peace” has subtle nuances of what is obscene language.

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