Woman hacked with a machete


The victim of a machete attack. Horrible shots, severed hands and a woman, whose face was cut in half.
The woman screams and moans terribly.

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  1. I’ve seen this video, this is sick, fuck these animals that did this to her!

  2. Its an outraged God permits this, it’s horrifying and unreal

  3. This is fucking horrendous. Animals are much better them.

  4. If there is no way to save her. Kill her so that she no longer uselessly suffers.

  5. I’ll NEVER be the same…The sick fucks who did this are carrying on a convo like their at the coffee shop…This is truly UNBELIEVABLE!!

    1. It sounds like there are other women victims…She’s on a mattress in a dingy ass room. They’re probably prostitutes forced by human trafficking. This is So Fucking SCARY!!!

      1. Fuck !! Why this shit happens in large number in brown countries??

  6. They are Centroamerican Indians (Mexican, Guatemalan, Honduran, Nicaraguan or Salvadorean). Alongside their poor Spanish variety, they are speaking a native language I ignore.

    This reminds me of Apocalypto.

  7. Watching this with headphones on max vol…was REALLY the worst decision…omg the moans and screams im crying right now…fuck…how can one do such horrible things.

    1. Its your average nigger. Its why we colonize these vermin to perhaps strike some civilization into their nappy heads, but boy were we wrong. The nigger will never be civilized

      1. They should’ve been exterminated

  8. Hernán Cortés was too kind to these subhumans

  9. Do don’t honestly believe the sheer fucking horseshit that you talk, surely… Tell me you aren’t this fucking stupid.

  10. Apparently her husband came home in a drunk fit of rage and did this after accusing her of cheating. The crying in the background is her daughter and the neighbors are filming after coming over to the screams.

    1. That’s kinda strange considering how a little girl can cry like that? Because it almost sound like a old lady, in my humble opinion. But! That was seriously WORST shit i saw here.

  11. The real story
    The man attacked with a machete and partially dismembered his wife, suspecting adultery.

    The neighbors heard the scandal and the woman’s terrible screams. According to them, the husband said that his wife went to visit her sister.
    However, he saw that the woman got into a pickup truck.

    When she returned, he asked her where she was, but she lied to him. He also discovered that his wife was not wearing underwear.

    This infuriated him, he grabbed a machete and began to strike. The woman screamed and the neighbors heard the screams.

    When they entered the house, they saw this terrible picture. The woman’s face and hand were chopped off.

    The woman’s husband disappeared, the police are conducting an investigation.
    San Miguel, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.

    1. All right. And so it was. There was no time to write the story of this video.

    2. Bullshit story, as you can clearly hear another woman giving agonizing sounds in the background.

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