Execution of a woman in front of her daughter


A woman is brutally shot with a pistol on the doorstep of her house. This scene is seen by her young daughter, who shouts ‘Mom, Mom!’. A terrible sight.

Probably Brazil.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. Fucking animals, they oughta burn in hell for this, they should have the 2nd amendment in Venezuela, then this woman could have stood a chance to defend herself and live

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    3. Si mal no me acuerdo el tipo estaba metido en las drogas y la madre lo acuso con la policía y este en venganza le disparo en frente de su hija (el tipo es el novio)

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    1. جووووون نکشیمون قهرمان

      1. وب سایت مثل اینجا معرفی میکنی داداش؟؟

  3. Disgusting animals, gangs should be tracked and eradicated like the vermin they are.

    1. agreed! hate people like this, they are whats wrong with the world.

    2. Does anyone know where the daughter is now? Is she okay is she still alive?

      1. yeah i know they cut her up and eat her brain…… dumb fuck

  4. INDEED!!! What a gruesome reality like this exists.

  5. Definitely not Brazil, we don’t talk like that

    1. Sicher? Ihr redet doch gerne mit Knarren!

  6. It’s in Venezuela and they killed her because she went to the police and reported a crime

    1. That’s sad

      does the street code not apply? Women/children off limits? Maybe I’m naive

      1. Nothing is off limits in nigger land.

      2. Well aren’t you sexist? Lmao you deserve no code

  7. They speak in spanish, not portuguese, so it must have been in venezuela as they said above

  8. Stupid fuckers. I’d fucking shoot them from toe to upper chest with all the rounds I could to show them how the fuck it feels to be shot

  9. Atleast they told her go outside and close the door

  10. Sehr hart, aber das ist nun mal der Preis, wenn man sich mit dem organisierten Verbrechen einlässt, oder wo einmischt, wo man sich besser rausgehalten hätte. Ganz besonders in gewissen Ländern, wie zum Beispiel in den lateinamerikanischen, was hier vermutlich so war.

    1. Unfortunately this is the sad reality of life, I agree with you.

    2. If the world didn’t unite against Nazi Germany to stop them in their tracks, maybe everyone would understand you now. Unfortunately for you, the lingua franca of the world is English.

  11. Probably slums. Look at the wall there’s a pee smear indicating shit place

  12. Es horrrible ver esto…Argentina no esta metida casi en estas cosas ,un asco ver como este tipo matar a una madre enfrente de su hija,ponte a pensar como la humanidad se arruina sola y por culpa de estas cosas el ser humano esta siendo visto de manera despreciable…

  13. i mean.. same shit argentina, brazil, columbia, mexico, we dont give a fuck. yall just same living like retarded animals LOL

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