Execution of a woman in front of her daughter


A woman is brutally shot with a pistol on the doorstep of her house. This scene is seen by her young daughter, who shouts ‘Mom, Mom!’. A terrible sight.

Probably Brazil.

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  1. Fucking animals, they oughta burn in hell for this, they should have the 2nd amendment in Venezuela, then this woman could have stood a chance to defend herself and live

  2. كس كشاي حروم زاده كث ننتون خار مادر قحوه هاي كس كش كيرم تو حلقتون ننسگ جنده ها منم تتك تونو ميكنم و ميكشم نمي زارم حتي يك قبر براي مارد و پدرتون باشه كس كشا منتظرم باشيد اخرين لحظه هاي عمرتونه به زودي حلاك ميشد

    1. جووووون نکشیمون قهرمان

  3. Disgusting animals, gangs should be tracked and eradicated like the vermin they are.

  4. INDEED!!! What a gruesome reality like this exists.

  5. Definitely not Brazil, we don’t talk like that

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