Maniac at the resort

No one heard screams.

The first victim, an 18-year-old local woman, was found on May 24 in a city street. Her body was literally snanoy with a knife. But she didn’t die of wounds – she was strangled.

Law enforcement officers worked out for possible involvement in the incident of acquaintances of the girl. Who knew then that the killer – a stranger, and he did his black business simply because the victim was late at night in a deserted place? If someone living on this street and heard screams, he did not dare to go out.

On the morning of July 19, a 24-year-old Eupatorium woman was killed. The handwriting was similar to the first crime: again a lot of stabbings in the back, abdomen and chest, strangulation. The time of death is from 2 to 4 a.m.

Last Sunday, the maniac “marked” in the village of Lake near Eupatoria, mostly consisting of health centers. This time his victim was a 26-year-old holidaymaker.

Just an hour later, a 32-year-old woman, also not local, was found stabbed near Lake Moinaki.

Fortunately, she survived and was quickly taken to the hospital, where she underwent surgery. The three previous murders are very similar, so there is good reason to believe that it is the work of one person.

The fourth attack is still being linked to them because of the proximity to the scene of the latest incident and the nature of the stabbings.

A hater of women?

All four of the dead were unmarried, handsome and not afraid to walk at night young ladies – this, perhaps, the similarity and ends. Perhaps for the maniac was not so important appearance and age, it is possible that he hates women at all.

There were no signs of sexual violence, but judging by the condition of the clothes, the man for some reason touched his underwear. There is reason to believe that he is mentally ill. Perhaps, survived a personal tragedy, for example, separation from his wife, because of which he was angry on the whole beautiful floor.

Now the Eupatorian precincts make yard rounds, communicating with people. The perpetrator is believed to be a local resident. Most likely, he had shown aggression towards women before, in which case the neighbors could not fail to notice it.

The check is also carried out on special institutions, where he could be registered.

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