Woman's body with 30 stab wounds

The son, who returned in the evening to the boarding house on the street of city of Tyumen, found his mother dead. Her whole body was snoused with a knife. The terrified young man called the police.

During the examination of the crime scene, the prosecutor’s office’s investigators had doubts. The woman probably didn’t get killed in this apartment.

“The difficulty of communicating with possible witnesses was that they were all deaf-mute,” said Igor Sakharov, an investigator with the district prosecutor’s office. “It was only possible to communicate with them with the help of a sign language interpreter.”

Investigators knocked on a nearby apartment. She was locked up. But from a nearby door a half-dead young man appeared. Detectives searched his room and found nothing suspicious: the order is not broken, there is no sign of a struggle. However, on the cuff of the shirt and shoes of the young man opera noticed drops of brown substance, similar to blood.

The victim’s deaf son pulled the investigator’s sleeve and tried to explain something. They gave him a pen paper. He wrote that the young man was not the owner of this, but a closed apartment.

The operatives opened the door of the room. Doors, walls, floors and furniture were splattered with blood.

After a while the young man was already testifying. He said that the murder was preceded by a grandiose drunkenness organized in his room. Guests: Mother and 17-year-old son drank vodka with him. The son went to his friends for a day. The mother stayed with the host to continue the feast.

The young man tried to persuade the woman to sexual intimacy, but she resisted and gave a strong rebuff. He then grabbed the knife and stabbed her more than thirty times in the chest. Hiding traces of the crime, he wrapped the body as a mummy in a large sheet of polyethylene and left it in the room for a day. Waiting for the son of the murdered to leave, the criminal dragged her body to them in the room.

He threw the bloodied polyethylene in the dumpster.

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