The novice of the monastery was crucified on a cross

The novice, who was crucified in a monastery in eastern Romania, expelling the devil from her, was buried according to the church rite.

Marichika Irina Kornichi starved to death last week after she was tied to a cross and gagged.

The abbot of the monastery, Daniel Peter Korogeanu, who claimed that the nun was possessed by the devil, was accused of unlawful imprisonment, which led to death.

The Orthodox Church condemned the actions of the monk and removed him from the post of rector. However, Father Daniel refuses to stop working at the Holy Trinity Monastery.

Another novice of the monastery, Justina Galka, told the BBC that the nuns did not even give Marichika water during her torment.

When asked whether the nuns tried to protest against such treatment of the girl, the novice replied that they all obeyed the priest.

Residents of the monastery claim that Marichika Kornichi was obsessed with and that crucifixion was part of the ritual to expel the devil.

Accusations of unlawful deprivation of liberty leading to death were also brought against four nuns who helped Father Daniel to exorcise.

If five accused are found guilty of the novice’s death, then they face 20 years in prison.

According to police, the nun was found dead on the cross on Wednesday, when the nuns called an ambulance.

According to the Romanian agency Rompress, the first autopsy revealed that the novice died of dehydration, exhaustion and lack of oxygen.

Reportedly, a young girl, who was just over 20 years old, grew up in an orphanage, and arrived in a remote monastery about three months ago.

According to some reports, she suffered from schizophrenia. Presumably the abbot of the monastery and other nuns took the symptoms of her illness for signs of obsession with the devil.

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