Is the blue pigeon a harbinger of death?

Murder of an MP

In broad daylight, the deputy of Yogorku (Bishkek) Kenesha Yyrgalbek Surabaldiyev was killed in his car. An emergency session of parliament was convened in connection with the incident.

While the deputies were listening to the report, a light dove suddenly flew into the hall and began to whirl over the parliamentarians. Acting. Interior Minister Murat Sutalinov reported what is already known and described the emerging picture of the crime.

At about 13 o’clock, Yyrgalbek Surabaldiyev and a security guard left his office at the intersection of Pushkin and Tynystanov streets, near the Russian Drama Theatre. The deputy got into a white “Land Cruiser” jeep, the state number KG 130, in the back seat.

The driver started the car and began to turn around. When the car reversed, a man armed with a gun approached it from the driver’s side and fired. In response, the driver also opened fire. He managed to make six shots.

At this time, on the other side of the car, the second killer shot Surabaldiyev. Four non-life-threatening injuries were found on his body. The deputy died at the scene. His driver was taken to hospital by ambulance. Before that, he managed to give evidence to the police.

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