Schizophrenic beat parents with a hammer


A mentally ill Russian man beat his father to death with a hammer. The schizophrenic’s mother survived and is in hospital in serious condition.

Parents took their son with schizophrenia with them on vacation to Turkey. There was a conflict between father and son at the hotel. Then the schizophrenic took a hammer, turned on the video recording on the phone and beat his father to death. He also beat his mother with a hammer, but the woman survived.

Schizophrenic beat his family with a hammer

Later, he fled the scene of the crime and recorded several videos in which he explained his act. He said that his father beat him, injured two vertebrae and an eardrum. Also in these videos, he said that he believed in witchcraft and astrology, and his grandmother bewitched him and, together with his grandfather, was in the Masonic Lodge.

The man was diagnosed with organic schizophrenic personality disorder.

Soon the schizophrenic was captured by the Turkish police.

Antalya, Turkey.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



    1. Shit like this is harder to watch than the brazilian gore fests

      1. Exactly, because in Brazil cartel they are killing other family members and innocent people but here this sack piece of shit killed his own father. Just imagine as a father you are taking care of your son since the day he was born , always tried your best to make him happy only for you to see the day where you would die by his hands. That’s fucked up absolutely.

        1. Greetings!!!!!Of course, in any case, this is very bad, but this killer is sick in the head with a disease of schizophrenia. He may have had a stage of exacerbation of the disease – at the time of the murder – and he did not understand what he was doing. He, perhaps, does not shine for mentally healthy people, but compulsory medical measures – compulsory treatment in the appropriate psychiatrist and in a neuropsychiatric hospital – to each his own, so to speak. Although mentally healthy people kill, for example, because of owning a house and all kinds of property there, but this is already a prison, because mental work is already going on there, calculation, understanding what needs to be done and health, and so on and so forth.

          1. Sure, sure. Schizos should be treated, but not after they murder someone. It’s the western type of thinking you fell for. He could’ve ran, but he didn’t. Because – first of all – he is carrying the genetics of his family. Nothing will change what he did, only death.

  1. Terrible 😳 ,although if they hadn’t taken him with them,they would have killed someone and/or themselves!!!!!

  2. poor man. hope he gets ease with schiz asap. i cannot wonder how much mental pain that guy was enduring.

  3. I always love schizos storys makes me laugh nonetheless execute him painfully and kill the mother no need to waste supply on that bitch

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