Paranoid tortured the ‘psi operator’

Maniac tortured victim

The shocking incident occurred on August 12, at night in the east of the capital.

Suffering from an acute paranoid disorder in an apartment on 7th Parkovaya Street in Moscow, a schizophrenic massacred an elderly man. In his torture, the man used a whole arsenal of tools: an iron, a hammer, two knives, a broken bottle and a kitchen hatchet.

After several hours of bullying, the man finally managed to escape and escape. barely alive he was found near a neighboring house.

With burns, open craniocerebral trauma, fracture of the jaw and multiple fractures of the ribs, the man was hospitalized. the next day, the criminal with a mental illness was detained.

What caused the man’s aggression, which entailed the torture of a neighbor, remains to be established by the investigation.

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