Execution of billionaire Liu Han


In China, billionaire Liu Han was executed who was accused of creating a criminal group that was engaged in racketeering, extortion, murder, arms trafficking and the creation of illegal casinos.
Liu Han was charged under 13 articles of the PRC Criminal Code.
Together with him, his brother and several other people from the criminal group were executed.
In total, 36 people were in the dock.
Liu Han set up a business for the extraction and sale of iron ore.
His company’s Hanlong Group, which Liu Han has headed since 1997, also had interests in mining in Austria, real estate, hospitality and tourism.

Hanlong Group was fined $ 40 million.
The verdict was announced back in 2014, but according to the laws of China, the defendants had a one-year delay in execution.

Before the execution, the accused were allowed to meet with their relatives.
The verdict was carried out.

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