Sex with a goat

Sex with a goat
Sex with a goat

Malawi police in Mchinji arrested a 21-year-old man on suspicion of having sex with a goat and charges of bestiality.
A man arrested for having sex with a goat claims he “asked permission from the goat.”

Mchinji police spokesman Lubrino Caitano said Kennedy Kambani was spotted by the owner of a herd of goats that grazed on a piece of land.
“The owner of the goats Pempero Mwahulika thought that Kambani was stealing goats, so he called other people. When people arrived at the scene, they were shocked to see that he had sexual intercourse with a goat, ”Kaitano said.
Kambani was detained and taken to the police, where he was charged with crimes related to bestiality.

The man allegedly said that he first requested permission from the animal for sexual intercourse with him.

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