Corpses of Russian soldiers are eaten by dogs and crows


A Ukrainian demonstrates the corpses of Russian soldiers near a downed and destroyed helicopter. The corpses of the Russian military were eaten by dogs and crows.

1,500 corpses of Russian servicemen have already accumulated in the morgues of Dnipro, but the Russian Ministry of Defense is in no hurry to take them away. Russian servicemen are becoming fertilizer for Ukrainian fields.


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  1. а че удалили видео где рлссийских пленных сжигают живьем? типа сбу надавило или цивильные такие ага верим

    1. Why are you even asking? Anything that happens to you after you invade someone is completely justified. Need I remind you that you are invading a foreign country? Did you not think that you would get fatally injured if you stuck your nose too far into someone’s business?

  2. This site is so littered with spam links now why

    1. Author

      I had only to leave for a week, how did spam links appear? Well, we’ll check it out, of course.

      1. I don’t mean in these comments but these popups that block everything.

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